WELCOME to my blog (est. 2001) and autobiographical porn site (opened to members May Day 2002)!

Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my unexpectedly difficult & relatable mid-life crisis.

Keep coming back to see what emerges as I shoot and write and sit on all of my realcore homemade lifestyle porn for awhile during my site’s retooling, and peek into life with my amazing wife, Delia. :)



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What I’m Doing NOW!

N E W E S T    P O S T S

$900 Million Powerball Jackpot

I spent nine of my wife‘s hard-earned dollars on three Powerball tickets. We’ll find out in a few minutes if we won anything. Normally I don’t play the lottery. For a lot of reasons. Mostly because I’m not interested (I know, I know!!!... read more

All Night Beaver

I stayed up all night working, loving being able to swear and scream in frustration at three in the morning with nobody in the house / my workplace to disturb or distress. I need that. ALL NIGHT. Loooooooong uninterrupted invisible stretches to finally see progress... read more

  • My Instagram: super g-rated with lots of Pacific Northwestern stuff!

  • WE’RE (not just) MARRIED!!!!

    Delia and I have been together since 2002. We’ve wanted to get/be married for seven or eight of those years. But we also wanted to wait until we had money to have all of our family there, and for Delia to be able to have as much of the bridal experience as she... read more

    Naked with Long Blonde Hair

    Look how long my hair is getting! Still . . . not nearly long enough to be fetish-length. And because of Lightning Allie I’ve been thinking a lot and learning about different (head) hair-related fetishes. I have never done any long-hair fetish stuff because... read more

    Grey Day Nudie Pic

    It’s a grey afternoon, above and on my body. The vine maple behind me likes it: I’m wearing my new cozy birthday-present sweats that stevi got me – thank you for picking out the most unglamorous thing on my wishlist that I really really needed! These... read more

    Fortunes: Saved & Chosen

    While packing up and moving, I rediscovered a lot of jolly useless crap that I’ve hoarded, including these fortunes I saved for some reason: Guess which one I like best (if I were to choose one to be my REAL fortune or that I actually believe in)? Definitely not... read more

    Bugs & Boobs! (pics)

    Delia knows exactly what kind of thoughtful presents to give me; she brought home the most awesome present for me: Nevermind what’s inside . . . the box is super cool! Look at the shiny, iridescent beetle necklace my girlfriend got me!! There is a special reason... read more

    Gazillions of Camgirl Dollars

    Emailing back and forth with a webwhore/stripper/blogger extraordinaire, I found out she was under the impression that I am a Very Successful Camgirl, or as she put it, I got a newsletter saying you made a gazillion dollars doing webcam. This was totally news to me... read more

    Love & Attraction

    Delia had a sperm deposit to make in Seattle on Thursday. On our way to catch the ferry, we stopped for Chicken McNuggets on Bainbridge Island. I went inside quickly while Delia waited in the car and thought I saw an old familiar face of someone I fucked (and adored)... read more

    Tiny Fake Pussies

    I ordered three toys for Tucker and they just arrived today — I cannot WAIT to incorporate them into shoots for him, and even for me! I’ve always been extremely erotically fascinated with guys resourcefully using household objects to masturbate with or... read more