WELCOME to my blog (est. 2001) and autobiographical porn site (opened to members May Day 2002)!

Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my awesome (and slutty and romantic) mid-life crisis.

Keep coming back to see what emerges as I shoot and write and sit on all of my realcore homemade lifestyle porn for awhile during my site’s retooling, and celebrate my awesome life with my amazing wife, Delia. :)



What I’m Doing NOW!

On the Way

It probably seems like nothing is happening, but … somethings ARE happening, and I’m excited as I keep practicing letting them take shape with less fear, healthier priorities (and FEWER priorities), and more faith and confidence. Thanks for your patient,... read more

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  • Tiny Fake Pussies

    I ordered three toys for Tucker and they just arrived today — I cannot WAIT to incorporate them into shoots for him, and even for me! I’ve always been extremely erotically fascinated with guys resourcefully using household objects to masturbate with or...