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Date of Birth: March 17th, 1973

A lot of people think it’s rude to ask a woman her age, but I’m proud of every year I get older and am more than happy to answer the question.

Being in my thirties forties and making internet pornography means that most people assume I’m a “MILF” (Mother I’d Like to Fuck). While I do appeal to MILF-lovers and will use that acronym to describe myself for marketing purposes, the truth is that just because a woman is over twenty-five doesn’t mean she is a mother. I get annoyed when people assume women of a certain age must be married with children, especially since a woman in her thirties, forties, fifties or sixties who is unmarried and/or childless by choice is EXTREMELY sexy. Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham? The ultimate! I think independent, horny older women are HOT! I suppose “cougar” is a more apt term for me, though I’m reluctant to embrace a word that’s become synonymous with a desperate woman out on an inappropriate prowl (and I guess the word “cougar” is used more for older women chasing younger men, which is not what I do . . . or not MOSTLY what I do ;). I’m all for inappropriateness, but not mocking mature women’s sexuality.

I am attracted to sexually mature people of all ages and do not have a preference for one age group over another when it comes to porn I enjoy. In real life I have had great sex with people who were younger than I and much older than I. I am happy to now be in a committed relationship with MARRIED to my girlfriend my wife, Delia, who is close to my age. I tend to prefer to socialize with people who are my age or older.

I do enjoy taboo role plays involving age play and imbalances of power (teacher/student, priest/parishioner, doctor/patient, dirty old man/daisy-fresh girl, and other very kinky role plays). These are all hot to me as FANTASIES, though, not as things I want to experience in real life. PRETENDING to be overpowered (or to overpower someone else) is one thing, but really experiencing an abuse of power is not usually fun.

The photos and videos in my members area span many years of my life so I look young in some of my content, and mature in other parts. I want to be naked on the internet for the rest of my life . . . and hope it’s a long and happy one where I get to earn wrinkles, experience (sexual and otherwise) and wisdom to share here on my site forever.


  1. Doug Davis

    Honest words……I find the whole mommy daughter role play of you two extremely sexy. I probably have enough spank bank material for months just from the one scene in watched, and you were not seen just heard. Sounds like you really got your stuff together. Remember the one receiving your moments , may feel those type moments are all they can ever experience. So the joy fun adventurous spirt can make a seeker of real connections feel connected to each other when they are joy filled and not alone …TYJ143

  2. Trixie

    Thank you for your beautiful & fun/loving feedback, Doug. It means a lot to me; making people feel warmth and connectedness and joy is a special gift that I value immensely and want our work to be able to accomplish. It’s especially nice when pure safe human joy is experienced with role plays that are taboo.

  3. convo_king89

    I love it when girls wear regular basic cotton panties like the ones from hanes in styles like briefs or hi cut. u ever wear em?

    • Trixie

      I know what you mean. I do wear basic cotton panties, but usually bikini briefs or string bikinis. Rarely briefs or the high-waisted hi-cuts. For briefs I prefer to wear men’s boxer briefs in a really large size for home comfort.

  4. Joy

    I’m 30 Years Old, But I Love You, First Time When I see You, That Time Was 2005, But Still I Like You And Love You… Could We Meet…?

    • Trixie

      Thank you, Joy … that is very kind. I’m flattered you remember me! I’m sorry I’m not meeting people; I keep meaning to create a page explaining that for those who wish they could. Maybe someday we will do meet-ups again if we get a larger fan base, but it’s not a healthy way for me to live as an introvert or do business. {{hugs}}

  5. Katie

    Somebody is using your photos as a catfish to one of my family members. Please help me out.

    • Trixie

      I’m sorry to hear that, Katie. I too would love someone to help me out stopping people who do that. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to stop shitholes who steal & abuse our images. šŸ™

  6. Eric

    I love you in those cotton panties, Iā€™m a male in my 20ā€™s and there is something so sexy about you it drives me crazy!



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