My Feet

Size: 4.5 (I usually have to buy size 5 and stuff them)

Positive attributes:
very wrinkly soles, small enough to fit about half a foot into an adult’s mouth.

Negative attributes: abnormal toe lengths (my big toes are longer than my other toes, which are pretty much the same length straight across), not the highest arches.

My Tiny Bare Feet with Wrinkly Soles

My Tiny Bare Feet with Wrinkly Soles

How I feel about feet: I like to touch people and their genitals with my feet, and I very much enjoy having my feet massaged and “drawn on”, stroked with fingertips in a way that ticklish people can’t handle, but that feels PERFECT to me.

My orgasms are definitely augmented when my feet are stimulated in addition to my clit. It’s very difficult for me to find shoes that are small enough for me which is unfortunate because I love pretty shoes.

I love looking at and sucking on other people’s beautifully formed feet and toes so I understand the appeal of feet and try to include at least a couple shots of my feet in almost all of my photo shoots. Unlike most pornographers who do not specialize in peds, we try to frame our photos to include our feet whenever possible rather than carelessly cutting them out of most pictures.

I don’t specialize in foot fetish porn since I do not like the shape of my feet or odd lengths of my toes and they do not conform to fetish ideals, plus it’s very difficult for me to find shoes that fit. I do have SOME foot fetish content in my members-only area, however, and do intend to shoot more of it every so often. I can also be bribed into shooting foot fetish content by fans who buy me spa pedicures ($45-60). You may also want to keep an eye on where I hope to post more foot and shoe fetish fun.

Shoes & boots: I myself have masturbated myself to orgasm simply looking at pictures of sexy shoes (even without anyone’s foot in them) so I can relate not only to fans of bare feet, but also to people who love high heels. I love peeptoe pumps, sandals, mules, ankle boots, and boots that stretch all the way to the thigh. I also love my legs and think I look great in heels, though again I’m limited by my budget so if you want me to shoot in more shoes and boots, gifts (size 5 or 4.5) go a long way in making that happen. I can also wear boots for shoots in larger sizes (6 or even 7) if that’s all that’s available.

I also collect antique and vintage shoes; I love their intimate craftmanship and that they made smaller shoes years ago. On a kinkier note, I really enjoy knowing women wore them before I did; I love the look of scarred leather soles and wondering what these women did and where they walked in the shoes that I bought. I love thinking about them running to meet men for cocktails and sordid fucks in seedy motels at lunchtime. My favorite shoes are from the forties, and I especially love roundtoe pumps. I do not have a large collection so you will see many of my favorite shoes again and again in my galleries, but they’re so beautiful to me I love showing them off (especially those beat-up soles). My antique shoes are beautiful wearable pieces of art and history that delight me with an intensity I can’t even describe. If I were rich I would sit on ebay buying as many gorgeous and whimsical antique and vintage size 4.5 and 5 shoes as I possibly could. There is nothing “cute” about my love of these shoes: I respond to seeing and touching and wearing them on a visceral, sensual, and emotional level, like I’m reading someone’s diary and stealing the clothes from her closet at the same time.

I Love Antique Shoes!!

I Love Antique Shoes!!

You can see more free pictures of my feet HERE and read a little more about why I like feet HERE.

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