We finally got a new camera! It just arrived on Tuesday so today we shot our first nudey set with it. Here’s one of my favorite, happy NON-nudey shots from that:

witchy woman in the woods

I’m extremely happy with it and hope to write a whole blog entry singing its praises and showing it off. Here’s one I took last night:

Delia & husky on beach


I should say that I can’t BELIEVE it’s been over a week since I made a blog entry here, but I actually CAN believe it. I feel it in my marrow, this neglect. I could whine and cry about how disgusting I’ve felt and how tired I’ve been but that kind of melodramatic pathos won’t do anybody any good. Instead I’ll just say that I’ve revamped my routine goals and schedules in such a way that I will be more productive and efficient.

Basically instead of cycling through a long weekly routine to-do list, I’ve shortened my daily and weekly tasks and lengthened the monthly to-do list so I can group repetitive tasks in a lump to get weeks of them done ahead of time rather than trying to switch gears and never getting ahead by focusing on weekly cycles which barely give me a chance to half-assedly finish all my “chores” before the next week starts and I’m back on exactly the same treadmill; I’ve been depressed and overwhelmed feeling like I’m spinning my wheels so I really want to set work up so that I can get on a roll and STAY there for two to six days on one type of work at a time. Part of this switch began with me scheduling one hyperchat week per month and now I’m following through on that by making ALL of my work into lumpier monthly events.

Speaking of lumpy monthly events, I did get my period/am not pregnant. I just finished up with that and my second Clomid prescription so in a week or so I should ovulate again. This time we are 90% sure we’re going to the doctor for an intrauterine insemination instead of the homebrew fucking. Maybe bypassing my cervix will get this party started, but it will probably leave our spycam voyeurs high and dry since Delia will be storing up her spooge for the fertility doctors who will spin it and wash it and prep it for my uterus (a process that causes some sperm to be lost). Sounds pretty counterproductive, doesn’t it? Perhaps, but many sperm are lost in the vag, too, never even getting past the cervix especially if one has “hostile cervical mucous” which really sounds like a very Trixie-esque condition. I haven’t had my cervical mucous tested or anything, but it would not surprise me one bit if all of this disappointment could be blamed on my bitterly acidic cunt juices. Oh, we’ve tried tricks designed to improve the quality of my mucous and used products intended to bathe sperm in slippery stuff they can easily swim through, but to no avail so far. We really want to get this motherfucking show on the road. FOR REALS.


Tonight I’m going to try to get these new photos posted for members and maybe get some more exercise, too. My body is like a weird stranger to me these days, all thick and dimpled in both good and bad ways. I did some exercise along with the tv the other day called “slow-robics” and couldn’t even make it the entire hour even with commercial breaks. After the midway mark I had to take a big ass break then come back to it for another ten minutes. There were tons of speed-skater-imitating squatting exercises that turned my thighs and buttocks into what felt like big soft balloons of swollen jello. I have only just regained the ability to lower my ass onto the toilet without screeching in agony and clutching at the wall for support on the way down.

I guess this is what they call “thirty-five”. On an intellectual level I know precisely how I’ve gotten to this point and exactly what I need to do to control at least some of the damage, but on another level I just can’t believe this is my body. More to the point, I can’t believe how different I am from when I was young. Again, on a rational level it all makes total sense and OF COURSE I’m different from my younger self, but it’s not just my body that’s different; I have changed in many ways and am maybe needing some time to adjust to my new identity and get to know who I am.

All this dim-witted introspection might sound silly, like it should all be easy and come naturally and make total sense, but you make a lot of plans in life and develop a lot of habits based on your perception of your identity. When your values, needs, and abilities shift then you need to change your habits and plans. Being here in my mid-thirties is almost like losing a limb and needing to learn how to do everything with three of them instead of four. My balance is off and I feel justified in simplifying things. It’s not that I feel handicapped by my age (except slightly in the body/porn department); on the contrary, I know I’m more skilled and capable. On the other hand, I’m less deluded and more aware of (and complacent about) my weaknesses. I’m more sure of what I want and what I do NOT want which is great, but it does make one’s options seem more limited.

I feel like I blew my ambition wad in my twenties, working really long and hard hours for other people. Proving myself to other people, making other people money, doing what other people wanted and tiring my damned self out. Now? I feel like I don’t have much of that drive left, in part because I’m happy and content, but also because I’m just motherfucking tired of it. I don’t like having to be resourceful to do my job; I want to have all of the tools I need to do my job well and it just exhausts me, mentally, physically and emotionally, having to pull everything together on a shoestring budget to attain mediocrity. It feels like a big waste of my time and I really REALLY want to spend more time with my family and I REALLY want to make better porn. A lot more time with my family AND a lot more porn. I think these are very normal, typical thirty-something feelings and part of me enjoys being in this stage of life. It’s also embarrassing, though, because I feel like I should be able to muster up the energy to rectify this lack of resources. Sometimes it’s empowering to know you control your own destiny and can CHANGE your situation just by hard work. Other times? It’s just really depressing and tiring when you feel like you’ve DONE your hard work and you’re way past due for the payoff. Everything feels like it hinges on how well I can mind-fuck myself into believing that I can, at the very least, double our income which is basically what we need to do and FAST to make continuing what we do justifiable. Of course, getting normal jobs is even less justifiable than continuing what we do full time simply because the only hope we have of paying off our debts is to win the lottery or work hard on our sites (since there’s no limit to what we can make on them, unlike real jobs that have, ummm, limitations on wages and salaries and such, and are totally degrading and exhausting and enslaving compared to working for yourself on the internet). We don’t play the lottery and I have no desire to quit what I do, so this is what we’re going to keep on doing. Of course, my mind is always spinning with ways I can augment the porn site stuff and switch up our plans and find other revenue streams (aka pile even more jobs on myself) but the basic place I’m at is feeling like I’ve run a really long race and have no idea how far I am from the finish line. My body is falling apart and I’m beyond ready to slow my pace WAY down to falling flat on m
y face, preferably straight into a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy. But I just keep telling myself to keep trudging along even though I suspect when I round the bend there’s just going to be another long-ass stretch of empty road.


It’s almost 9 pm now so I’m not going to be able to get both exercise AND an update done. I’m feeling floppy after writing this and want to go to bed, but I’ll try to get back in here to edit the photos because I know it will be fun and make me feel better. Then again, so would eating donuts and watching television.

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