My birthday is on Saturday / March 17th!

If you feel like helping me celebrate with a couple of bucks or more, HERE’S MY WISHLIST!

If I get 39 presents (that’s how old I’m turning) worth any amount by the end of the month/March 31st, I’ll post (right here, for free!) the remaining seven sex videos we recorded on my phone after this one where Delia got me warmed up rubbing my feet with coconut oil:


VIDEO0067.3gp Watch on Posterous

These are totally amateur little clips we spontaneously recorded and include footfucking, cocksucking, MY BOOBS, fucking while I use a vibrator on my clit, and general shaky-cam feel-goodery.

All presents will be counted, including stuff or money you mail directly to our box. Note: f you want me to know you donated to the non-profit in my wishlist, you yourself would have to forward me your confirmation email otherwise I won’t know anything about it.

I know joining my site is a pretty significant dollar amount so this is one example of how I’m going to do a better job of offering people ways to make littler contributions whenever they feel like it for enjoying my nudie pics of the day and other stuff I post here on my blog for free. I foresee making more things to fit into this model.

(and here I went off on a million business-oriented tangents I decided to edit out and maybe save for something else).


We don’t have any big plans for my birthday except to spend a quiet night together at home, then go visit my sister and her family for a few days.

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