I’m so excited about the days getting longer! The world (from my perspective) is completely different than the world three months ago.

blonde milf Trixie with bangs

Getting ready to shoot my last picture set at 40.

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve experienced the seasons changing for forty years, and the changes seem MORE profound to me now rather than less. There’s nothing mundane to me about it. It is unbelievable and wonder-full.

naked with a grass ponytail outside

Naked with a curly grass ponytail.

One reason the changing of seasons might be more noticeable to me in recent years is that I live in a very different microclimate than where I spent the first parts of my life. We’ve been living in the rainshadow for the past twelve years rather than the valley below the Cascade foothills where I spent the first twenty years of my life or Tacoma where I lived in between then and here. It rains A LOT LESS here. It’s windier, drier and BRIGHTER here.

Mischievous blonde milf's cleavage

Feeling mischievous . . .

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