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It’s that dark time of year … and the shortest day of the year. I’m super happy to report that the long nights and lack of daylight hours feel cozy to me this year … but I’m glad it’s solstice so we can start shaving some gloom off of the super-long nights.

Where we live in Washington state we do have more daylight hours than in, say, Alaska, but things are not as balanced as they are in Southern California.

Semi & rusty mermaid beater: quintessential Western Washington paint jobs and colors as the sun goes down sooooo early.

Here’s how our daylight hours compare on the West Coast:

  • San Diego (south of us, close to Mexico) has TEN HOURS of daylight on winter solstice. Four hours and 19 minutes less than they have in June.
  • We have less than EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS of daylight in Seattle-ish today. Seven and a half hours less than in June.
  • In Anchorage they have LESS THAN FIVE AND A HALF HOURS of daylight. Almost fourteen hours less than on summer solstice.

Having relatively mild weather with noticeable differences between the seasons is part of why we love living in Western Washington. Every season is distinct without the differences being extreme or unmanageable. They’re enjoyable. But taking Vitamin D — and anti-depressants during these dark months is advised.

west coast daylight hours comparison

So today we basically have only HALF of the day we have on the 21st of June … especially when you consider the tyranny of daylight savings time wasting the sunrise on groggy wage slaves and those with super long commutes; the only time I’ve been up to see the sun rise this year has been when I’ve stayed up all night, which I love doing.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is it’s also when Delia and I got married. Before all of the Christmas craziness sets in we get to have our special holiday together, just the two of us.

One of my favorite anniversaries we took a long long long long long walk — without even planning to take such a long long long long long walk — through the woods, on the beach, and through the woods some more while the damp gray light got denser and thicker and darker and then we were running and laughing through dark thick wet static trying to beat the night back to our car. For hours we just walked and walked, barely talking. And when we did communicate with our voice boxes half the time they were animal sounds or exclamations. Not so much words.

Maybe that is why winter is getting easier for me.


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