Clearer Lines Drawn

In line at the store around the same time the governor told everyone to stay home for two weeks starting NOW.

Please don’t judge my small basket topped with nonessentials.

A lot of people are rethinking a lot of things right now … and a lot of it is good. Especially in the long run.

Wishing everyone goodness and long runs. 🌲🙏🌲

Except, of course, Harvey Weinstein … it’s a relief not to waste any more wishing against that POS, and just be relieved he’s getting a little of what he deserves (hopefully an agonizing powerless death).

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Because of Spiders

Someone beautiful on instagram invited her followers to brag about themselves by posting something in her comments that they’re proud of. This is always a good thing to ask yourself and write down so you can see it where it’s real outside of your head. And getting it outside of your head forces you to spend a little more time with it before moving on to all the things that are wrong/with you.

Of course I didn’t do it.

But it was in the back of my head that day, lurking on the lookout. So when I turned on the water in the sink, saw a spider scramble to get out of its jet, immediately shut off the water, and took the spider outside … I recognized that it’s something that makes me feel valuable. Like “I’m not so bad … this is not a bad thing to do … it comes from a good place and reflects a value system that I’m proud of and admire in others.”

Even if it doesn’t make sense, is inefficient, and unnecessary: I love myself for saving spiders. I am proud of recognizing tiny quiet opportunities to step out of my routine to make an amazing little creature my priority.


BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF in the comments; what is something you love about yourself or are proud of?

Move. Outside. Do It! YAY!

If you can go outside, DO IT.

If you can move your body: DO IT.

If you can go outside AND move your body: YAY DO IT!


Went out here, unfurled a yoga mat, stretched and breathed for twenty-one minutes. Hi crows! hummingbird! butterfly! AIR!

Yes, the world and everyone in it is crazy. It feels like we should be doing something about it. ALL THE TIME! But that’s crazy too, thinking that if we contract every muscle in fear & let everyone know how outraged we are at EVERYTHING because IT’S ALL IMPORTANT we’re somehow doing our best to make it better. That’s not solving SHIT. Not much shit, anyway.

We need to go outside. We need to move our bodies.

We need to go outside and move our bodies. Air quality permitting, whenever everything’s NOT on fire.

We need to stop thinking we can think ourselves out of this mess if we just keep … thinking and talking and scrolling. Our best thinking got us here. And if we’re talking we better have a good fucking PLAN backed up by love for where those words are going to take us.

Every day we need to surrender. To our body/ies. Inside this bigger body … and the one huge body that we are ALL a part of.

Take care of yourselves, cells. We are all in this together, whether we think we want to be or not. And sometimes the best way to cope with that and be our best at it is to go outside, move and breathe recognizing that we are all also alone.

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