WebWhore101: Half-Birthday Gift to Self

It's my half-birthday! So I just gifted myself a deadline: to make 101 profitable or helpful websites by this time next year >>> WEBWHORE101.COM A side benefit of this new site for TastyTrixie fans is I won't be posting as much webmaster-related journaling...

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Woods Walk: Week 6

Fulfilled: promise to myself to walk in the woods weekly …. I ran a little bit. Even though I felt clunky and ran out of steam fast …

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Woods & Water: Week 1

For that first week of January I did my woods and water walk all in one outing, hiking up the hill from the beach as it got dark. The trail was steep, slippery, and getting harder and harder to see, but I wanted to . . . .

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VALUES and Nails: Week 1

How do I think hands and feet and nails should be cleaned and presented, and how important is it? Here’s how I plan to live more in line with my values in 2018 by focusing on my nails:

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Happy New Year!

I’M STOKED ABOUT THE NEW YEAR! Normally the New Year holidays depress me and make me feel (even more) weird & alienated from “normal” …

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I’m glad it’s solstice so we can start shaving some gloom off of the super-long nights.

Where we live in Washington state we do have more daylight hours than in, say, Alaska, but things are not as balanced as they are in …

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Thanksgiving Cam Competition

Delia & I are spending Thansgiving apart and working all weekend ... including having a friendly little competition to see which one of us can make more money on cam during the holiday! I'm pretty sure Delia will have no problem kicking my ass, but little games...

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