Happy New Year!

I’M STOKED ABOUT THE NEW YEAR! Normally the New Year holidays depress me and make me feel (even more) weird & alienated from “normal” …

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I’m glad it’s solstice so we can start shaving some gloom off of the super-long nights.

Where we live in Washington state we do have more daylight hours than in, say, Alaska, but things are not as balanced as they are in …

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Thanksgiving Cam Competition

Delia & I are spending Thansgiving apart and working all weekend ... including having a friendly little competition to see which one of us can make more money on cam during the holiday! I'm pretty sure Delia will have no problem kicking my ass, but little games...

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Fridays with Elvis

Using Flashback Friday as an excuse to post this POV image in the middle of masturbating four months ago … It was an interesting masturbation session; these days I’m not in the habit of …

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Top 16 of 2016

Sixteen of my favorite and/or most important experiences from 2016 … plus my MOST favorite image of the whole entire year!

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Rainshadow Sunshine

As the days get shorter, I'm super happy to live in a rainshadow where I can wake up and bask in sunshine for a few hours without cloud cover or nonstop drizzle.   I'm also way excited about this tuna-fish sandwich. I remember hating tuna-noodle casseroles and...

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