Some more pictures the day of my first Brazilian wax:

Trixie's bald front crack

It was QUITE a big job for her . . . there were still some blonde hairs and dark ones that she had to pluck (which felt like being stabbed with hot little needles over and over after the pain of having all that hair ripped out; really the only place it hurts badly is on top where it’s most hairy – asscrack, labia, etc. not so much)

Trixie's flat waxed pussy

I meant to have her leave a landing strip, but she was awesome and we got to talking and I totally forgot until it was too late so now I’m stuck for awhile with the weird totally-hairless baby-fat pussy. I’m having a hard time relating to it, but I think that’s partly because my body is different-looking and different-feeling than when I’ve had less hair in the past; it looks more sexless this time with more fat, and I think my clit is smaller perhaps from years of being on hormonal birth control.

One of the benefits I always appreciated about shaving was having it be easier to look down and see clit. Right now? All I see when I look down is generic soft pale flesh, not genitals.

blonde milf slit

Now the hair is growing back in and it’s prickly and requiring some TLC. It should be better after I’ve done it a time or two more.

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