Blurry Sex

Trixie sucks Delia's cock

Sucking my wife’s cock.

Trixie drools on Delia's cock

Naked, drooling on Delia with my wet pussy on her thigh.

Trixie with Delia's cock in foreground

After we came . . .

Trixie squeezes her tits with cum-covered fingers

Squeezing my big natural boob with my cummy fingers.

Note to members: I’m sorry you didn’t get to spy on this on our voyeur cams – OUR SLEEPING ALCOVE LIFECAMS ARE DOWN because our old spycam machine running XP seems to have bit the dust, and our nightvision set-up is pretty particular to it, plus we need to replace our relatively-old router (last troubleshooting step in our internet connection becoming very in-and-out / unreliable). We have somebody building us a homemade firewall instead of getting a new router and I haven’t bought all of the necessary components because these are not the only machines I’m trying to carefully shop and budget for – my main machine which is also old ALSO came grinding to a halt and with us working from two different homes now we’re rethinking and redesigning our set up and how we work so I don’t want to blow money and time without some careful thought.

I’m rethinking and rebuilding pretty much everything I do right now . . . it’s probably going to look like nothing for a few more months but it will be worth it in the long run.

Need Tune-Ups

Been having technical challenges with my phone and main work computer. Nothing major, but getting things done has been requiring lots of inefficient workarounds.

tired webwhore

A very tired webwhore.

Offered as explanation / not making excuses because I could actually do the workarounds, but they are ridiculous wastes of time, so Merry Christmas to me . . . I choose to fix the problems first rather than beating my lame brain against walls. :)


I should say something, but I don’t know what.


Might crawl into a dark hole for a month or awhile or a week or a year.

Sorry. I have plans to make up for some of it. Unfortunately I can’t make up for all of it.

I hope to fuck I straighten up and fly right and delete this post SOON . . .

Work, Not Work

I’m working on something. And when I’m not working on this something, I need to work on not working.

It should always be this way, but it’s not. So I’m (continuing) working on how I have been / should / want to in the future approach that, too.

As always, apologizing for being so socially/interpersonally inaccessible/unresponsive to so many people I like/love/appreciate.

Treasure Map

In cold cold February a surprise arrived at our box, in itself a BIG box:

The biggest box anyone's ever sent Trixie & Delia!

The biggest box anyone's ever sent Trixie & Delia!

Was this also the heaviest?

Was this also the heaviest box? Heavier than the rock box?

I was actually scared to open it because it was so big; what if I didn’t like whatever it was?

To BOTH of  us! I like that :)

To BOTH of us! I like that :)

So Delia unveiled it and I gasped and went to tears.


Cartography fan, naked.

It was/is exquisite – a beautifully framed antique map of where we live: Washington, before it was made a state, in 1853:


Antique map of Washington Territory

Included were details about the map – which I would tell you more about but I just spent over an hour trying to find the lovingly written information on it, which I put somewhere safe — somewhere important things go, somewhere that in February meant “respond to soon!” — but then I thought these pictures weren’t good enough, so I was going to take BETTER pictures, so the letter got shuffled to somewhere else to make way for other very-important do-soon stuff, so maybe I shouldn’t post this until I can find it, but I don’t have time to look through everything in my world (trust me, I don’t throw anything away if there’s even a remote chance it could be useful, let alone VERY IMPORTANT AND PRECIOUS as this is).

Holy shit, I was skinny 9 months ago!!

Holy shit, I was skinny 9 months ago!!

One of the things I remember is that part of what makes this particular map valuable is the COLOR, which was rarely used in maps of this kind at the time. But what makes it valuable to me is all of the things he couldn’t possibly fully appreciate that I appreciate and cherish, and the thoughtfulness, love, generosity and attention to detail he wrapped it in and imbued it with.


19th century map of Washington with color

My favorite thing Delia and I’ve had in our home these past ten+ years is this topographic, raised-relief map she and her ex-wife were given by a friend:

It's bumpy and awesome!!

Our other cool gift map is BUMPY!

These two maps of our region including the Strait of Juan de Fuca make perfect companions. The new antique map now means we have a COLLECTION!

I actually hesitated to hang up the antique map gift because I’m so concerned about sun damage. I thought maybe I should wait until we have our own house and a proper library or something to display it in. But that would be stupid not to enjoy it, so it’s on our south wall, facing north/dim light.

One of many “long overdue”s back at you, Shrdlu. I will never be able to catch up on all of the thank-yous, or spend as much time as I’d like simply gazing upon and studying all of the maps.


Pics taken with my phone on February 3rd and 23rd, 2012. Today I’m taking most of the day off of work  including phones, computers, interacting with people, etc. except to maybe go to the bank and harass the tellers.

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