Mmmmmm … Cozy Morning Boobs

Trixie's morning boobs

I also logged in a spycam (members: view here) for as long as I can tolerate it today. Just sitting at the computer working, maybe doing some stretching. Very slight possibility I’ll fix my hair and then log the voyeur cam out … and log into TrixieCams for a gold show (group show where I “entertain” as I see fit for a block of time, usually for a low price like $3-$10) and/or one or two privates or exclusives where you can get me to do what you want! If that sounds good to you, SIGN UP HERE so you’ll be ready to catch me!

Seven Spring B’s

::Not to be confused with spring bullshit::

After staying up working and masturbating well past sunup last “night”, I woke up after four hours to SUNSHINE. The backyard beckoned more than going back to bed did so I got up, put the kettle on, and made a nest out there.

backyard blessings

Enjoying birdsong, butterflies & bumblebees while eating my breakfast in a sleeping bag outside.

It doesn’t get much better than this, so instead of sitting inside at the computer blogging I made sure to take some pictures of my boobs for you, which I hope will make my super-blessed cheesy alliteration love more tolerable for you! Chances are if you’re at a site made by someone who named herself TastyTrixie you’re already expecting that. 😉


soft little belly & boobs

B is also for BELLY!

big natural boobs

Big Naturals

bright sun on big boobs

Bright Sun & Big Boobs

bumpy areolas

Big & Bumpy Areolas

If boobs under a bright blue sky make you happy, keep coming back! And join my wife’s site for more explicit photos and videos shot by us in the great outdoors. :)

Merriment with Santa!

greeting Santa in modest white nightgown


Leggy on Santa's lap

flashing my beaver at Santa

Spreading my legs for Santa

Santa licks my nipple

split tail spread by Santa

squeezed & fondled by Santa

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Many many thanks to my wife, DeliaTS, for getting everything ready for this shoot (and taking the pictures, of course) and to our new bearded friend, Goat (and his pipes and suspenders and jolly goodwill) who is an even more perfect Pacific Northwestern version of Santa than I could have dreamed up. This is honestly one of my favorite things we’ve ever done for my site, making this shoot a better present than I hoped for or could have bought myself for holiday-time!

Sunny November Morning Alone

I got over being glum about Delia going back to Seattle last night, and just got excited about returning to the cabin loft where I haven’t slept alone in maybe a month.

Trixie wakes up to sun in cabin

The cabin cams even managed to stay connected all through the night (not that I did anything exciting to watch)!

fall morning sun on Trixie's boobs

I’m going to let my hair stay greasy today and my clothes be slouchy as I have no car to take me anywhere people might see and be offended by me (not that this is even a concern in our town), and concentrate on work. Probably work on editing pictures and video of/with beautiful young man I’m WAY shamefully overdue on getting back to him. Since I want to get him over here soon to shoot more of/with him.

trixie yawns big natural boobs

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Gloomy Summer Saturday

It’s one of the few grey days we’ve had so far this summer . . . but one of the best days I’ve had so far in terms of brain function and motivation and bright ideas and productivity.

what a marble-carved neck you have, naked Trixie

The weather and my better brain function are unrelated . . . unless you count that I woke up feeling fantastic and then got progressively more depressed as the greyness of the day and evening wore on.

beautiful large bare naked breast

And now it’s dark and I feel like crying so . . . yay mood swings!

Trixie's bumpy areola and nipple in black & white

But wait, 90 seconds later I totally don’t feel like crying anymore – awesome!!

I’m so fucking confused . . .

Happy 4th of July!

A couple of my favorite old patriotic not-really-porn stunts:

Twirling my baton(s)!!


CLICK to see me twirling batons (badly) & more!

Aaaaaand hammy song & dance number (you’ll have to turn the volume up . . . or not, if you want to spare yourself the agony of my dorkiness):

My Country Tis of Thee

CLICK to hear me sing about my country.

Note: I didn’t get all dressed up to do that; it was a spontaneous thing that happened after shooting these pictures.

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