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Happy 4th of July!

A couple of my favorite old patriotic not-really-porn stunts:

Twirling my baton(s)!!


CLICK to see me twirling batons (badly) & more!

Aaaaaand hammy song & dance number (you’ll have to turn the volume up . . . or not, if you want to spare yourself the agony of my dorkiness):

My Country Tis of Thee

CLICK to hear me sing about my country.

Note: I didn’t get all dressed up to do that; it was a spontaneous thing that happened after shooting these pictures.

Valentine’s Eve

Considering how sick, tired and antisocial I felt yesterday, I wound up having a super-social (for me) Valentine’s Day eve, starting with going with DaddyW for burgers and to see one of the best movies EVER on the big screen: The Third Man.


noir city Seattle film fest

It was a double feature (worth watching this trailer for the festival, FYI) and I was so tired I almost fell asleep during Journey Into Fear (which I thought was perfectly entertaining even though it’s a “bad” movie, and I *loved* Orson Welles wearing those gloves and suggestively taking one of them off), but by midnight I perked up and hung out with a friend for a bit talking about one of my favorite subjects (POOPING!) and how old we are/feel.

And then I decided to see if a friend who was only in town until today was still awake enough to come over before he left. AND HE WAS!

Blonde Trixie ready to suck a big cockpopping his cock in my mouthBig natural tits on his thighs while blowing him

It was a cozy night of fun and fuckery in flannel sheets. And now I’m going to have a bunch of cozy days and nights all to myself!

Sugar Skull

11.3.13 NOTE: we are sorry for this. I’ll try to use it as a teachable / learning opportunity in upcoming posts. I don’t want to link to any good external posts from this one and risk someone tracking back to this post / causing further offense.

Delia did a sweetly-scary Halloween crossing-over-into Day of the Dead themed shoot for the season:

Delia: dead prom date

sugar skull & big boobs

I *love* the way her smooth balls look in this shot:

sugar skull & smooth scrotum

And all the pretty flowers in her hair:

tranny catrina

erect catrina Delia in pumps

sugar skull cum

tranny semen

JOIN NOW to download the full set of 214 BIGGER high-res images AND HD video . . . and wish her a happy birthday!

Alex: Tonight

So it looks like we’re celebrating the first NIGHT of spring with (ta-da!) ALEX TALVEZ!

I’m very excited about his name. Which sounds like an understatement, but it’s not because it means he’s INTO this whole homemade porn thing enough to have invested time and commitment into his porn presence, and that is all very exciting to me. He and Lightning Allie and other people, too, have played with some video and picture and fantasy things I haven’t even seen yet, in fact, making the possibilities for reviving much much better.

I’m also VERY HAPPY TO SEE THOSE GLOVES ON HIS HANDS!! I wonder if he’ll bring them tonight?

Regardless, I know he can’t help but bring his (aptly described by one voyeur last time he was here) “impressive physique”.


Be spying tonight on our lifecams – I don’t know which part of the house we’ll be in at what times, so keep an eye on all three of our cam pages. I’m not promising wild and crazy action (or even that we’ll have electricity & be broadcasting), because who knows what anyone might be in the mood for, but if there IS wild and crazy action . . . take screencaps to send to me! ;)

Happy Halloween!

It’s Delia’s birthday, and she’s got sexy sparkly spidery pics to celebrate Halloween and her special day!

Sweet Bad-Ass Halloween Treats!

Sweet Bad-Ass Halloween Treats!

See more of Delia's sexy Halloween pics!

See more of Delia's sexy Halloween pics!

If you send sweet birthday wishes her way, it might do a lot to mitigate the fact that she’s spending it with freaky-me ;)


You can keep it a little scary, folks. Especially ye women-folk. It’s not supposed to be a holiday for being user-friendly. Make someone uncomfortable with mien or mask, if you dare. Inhabit the potent grey area between the mortal world and beyond. Seduce with provocative ugliness.


You don’t have to try so hard to be so fucking sexy. Look like someone who’ll give him a black eye instead of a blowjob. Try on a different kind of power.

Digging gore out of my cunt to spatter on you:


Is Batman’s Mom REALLY Dead?

We’re taking a special day off today, but I still wanted to post nudie pics that would really give you something to think about:

Batman's Blonde Mom?

Batman's Blonde Mom?

Do any of my friends and fans who are also into Batman know if/how much that question is/was ever played with, particularly in fanfic, especially of the, ummm, taboo erotic kind? Anyway, I don’t know much about Batman beyond Christian-Bale-as-The-Batman, but I certainly do like toying with that notion, as I mentioned in the gallery I posted for members:

Do I look old enough to be Bruce Wayne's Mom?

Do I look old enough to be Bruce Wayne's Mom?

Do you imagine Batman’s mom’s boobs as being as big as mine?

Batman's mom in black leather gloves & thigh high boots?

Batman's mom in black leather gloves & thigh high boots?

Thanks to Lightning Allie for the awesome opera-length black leather gloves, Delia for taking the pictures, and my Aesthetician for cancelling my brow waxing appointment at the last minute, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have spotted these sunglasses and thought of them as a perfect way to get a shoot in without grooming my face AND squeeze in a Halloween-appropriate photo set!

Support my work by becoming a member today!

JOIN NOW for all 83 pics in this gallery & to read more!

First Day of Fall

Apples (and pears) are big Washington crops . . . and get all romantically attached to New Zealand.


Have you tried these varieties of apple yet: Envy and/or SweeTango? If not, you should . . . they’re delicious. I haven’t been so aware of being introduced to new apple varieties since Fuji and Gala came out.


I’m not sure which one I like better. Obviously the Envy is more porntastic (I’m so in love with the long red leather gloves and general branding on top of the apple itself), but flavor and texture-wise . . . I’m going to have to eat a bunch more to see.

A Few Reality Kings Faves

I picked out a few free galleries and videos from my favorite mainstream porn network for you. They get naughtier as they progress (apologies if you’re surfing on a phone; if so the free galleries redirect to their mobile site, or I discovered they do for me, anyway – LAME!):

Adorably sexy naturally busty blonde - click for more pics!

Adorably sexy naturally busty blonde - click for more pics!

Anyone know who the model is? She totally embodies the yummy stereotypes I imagine when I think of popular cheesecake porn.


Okay, so I masturbated today alternating between two of these movie clips:

Video with gloves & blondes giving blowjobs to beautiful cocks!

Video with gloves & blondes giving blowjobs to beautiful cocks!

I watched the three girls and a rimjob video a couple of times but I made sure to return to the action pictured above and orgasm while the blonde in sunglasses and shiny gold fingerless gloves was sucking cock. Not normally what I’d pick for a quickie but I couldn’t sit and look at all of this porn picking stuff out to feature here without getting crazy-horny and these two clips were GOOD!


One video clip I so wanted to share but decided against had half a dozen girls naked on bicycles; I LOVE THAT SHIT! I didn’t like the hardcore direction the action went in the trailer so fast, though, but I’m sure there’s enough tease-ier stuff in the full length version that I’d have enjoyed with just the bald pussies sticking and unsticking to the seats and girls kicking their legs up and stuff. I really wanted to see them RIDING the bikes. Sigh.


Moving right along, we arrive at the hottest of all (and the grossest, which is why I like it, but TRIGGER ALERT for taboo role play stuff):

Mom catches teens fooling around!!! Click for more kinky pics!

Mom catches teens fooling around!!! Click for more kinky pics!

NOTE: I only enjoy fictionalized versions of that sort of thing, and absolutely do not condone in real life the kind of behavior it suggests.

Anyhoo . . . Check out RealityKings if you want to see what’s great about mainstream porn!

Ahem . . . I have a thing for blondes wearing sunglasses!

Ahem . . . I have a thing for blondes wearing sunglasses!

Glowing in Gloves Nudie

I drank a wee bit tonight and felt some awesome tits and ass.


Destination Nudie Pic

Paths are much cooler when they seem to be leading somewhere.

Here I am naked today in the far corner of our backyard that Delia spent all day Monday clearing of blackberry bushes and other seemingly impenetrable brush, debris, etc. :


I'm the naked destination point at the end of the path!

Delia putting on her gloves that day, about to get down to business:


Delia with her tough overalls and thick garden gloves.

You couldn’t have seen that corner of fence two weeks ago AT ALL . . . now it’s like a new room back there. Sort of empty right now, but full of potential.

Here’s a free gallery of Delia on that same path six or seven months ago before a lot of the clean-up happened (but still after a huge amount of brush was cut back right when we moved in; before that you couldn’t really even walk down that path at all):

FREE PICS of Delia in the backyard looking sexy in stockings!

FREE PICS of Delia in the backyard looking sexy in stockings!

Last month Delia also cleaned out and replanted a big area along the path closer to where she’s posing in those pics; she took out a huge old woody rosemary bush (it was cool, but DONE/overtough; we have rosemary planted in other places) and other messes and put in some new perennials. You’ll have to wait and see how they look in a couple of months!

We’re opening up lots of little spaces and I’m excited and hopeful about turning them into charming places for us to shoot. My hope is to divert money we’d normally spend to shoot in vacation rental homes for variety and put it into plants and containers and cool stuff for shooting outside here. That wasn’t an option in the other places we rented (lack of privacy, not the right relationship with the landlords, etc.).

I do love renting other spaces away from home to shoot in and hope we can still do that sometimes, but this is awesomely convenient plus the gardening part is therapeutic and something we can enjoy EVERY day. It is slow and a lot of work (and potentially really expensive because I totally want to buy tons of plants and materials . . . and pretty containers so we aren’t burying ALL of our money in Delia’s ex-wife’s property/can take it with us to wherever the next place is, but mostly because pots are pretty and you can move them around FOR MORE COOL AND DIFFERENT SHOOTING ARRANGEMENTS) but I’m learning a lot from it.

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a vision of Grandfather’s Secret Thomas-Kinkade-Inspired Garden Porn. By the way, here’s a very interesting critique of Kinkade’s unnatural paintings of “light”. Reading that didn’t make me hate his guts, though; it made me relate to him as a pornographer. I definitely feel bad for the guy on a lot of levels and his sad lonely death relapsing into active alcoholism. I don’t think one person can be responsible for a nation of bad taste, and I don’t even hate people’s bad taste when it comes to fake glowing storybook scenes. I mean, I totally watch Toddlers and Tiaras and one of my most cherished possessions is my dancing bananas ashtray – I get so much pleasure from looking at that thing! Yeah, it would be nice if more people could differentiate amazing beauty and talent from crap and value them accordingly, but whatever.

Trying to be such a generous snob-of-the-people is so much hard work I think I need an ice cream cone and a nap now.

Garden Gloved

Just so you don’t feel TOO sorry for me, I *do* have garden gloves with rubber-coated fingers and palms:


Don’t worry about my silly complaints about the dearth of heavy-duty work gloves in tiny-hand sizes, because I don’t *actually* need them since I don’t really do any heavy-duty work. My fingers suffered nary a prick the past couple of days.


There was a 100% chance of rain today. Where I grew up that would mean rain ALL DAY. But here it means “it will be pretty cloudy today and at some point a soft spatter might fall down on you”. Both of these places are near Seattle. But so different from Seattle. And each other.


I love this yard. I love being in it . . . being lost in it . . . becoming invisible to myself outside. That’s one of the very best feelings in the world.

I know very very little about gardening. And I’m very very slow at it, and most yard work in general. I’m not efficient. That’s not the point. Instead I’m very slow. Some of my movements are quick, but overall the progress I make (if any) is SLOW.

I look at the shapes and colors of things. I do a little something. Then I stop and look at the way what I did changed the shapes and colors of things. I walk around and look at it from different angles. I do a little something else. I smell some stuff. I pick  some things up. I put some things down. I move some stuff around.

Pull a little. Claw a little. Touch and smell and breathe a little. Tilt my head slightly. Dig a little. Turn to find the bird.

No, I’m not stoned. But doing these things, alone, without people-words, has exactly the profoundly calming effect I sometimes seek from drugs. Everything is exquisite. Thousands of small spaces invite me in. I’m fucking intrigued by this microcosm and that.


I want this to be a significant part of my future . . . in all of the weeks I have left to live. I’m scared that I’ll ruin it if we ever have the time and resources to make it perfect, so I tried to promise myself out loud to Delia that we would never ever do that: have a boring perfect garden where the only thing left to do was maintain order. Delia will not let that happen.

One secret might be to always have big trees . . . big overgrowing things that make everything change every year.

Another secret might be to keep being really really really slow.


The cool thing about this particular yard is that they carefully landscaped it when they built the house, like, fifteen years ago or whatever. Not like housing-development-landscaped, but with islands of native stuff like salal and a few shapes with perennials. And in maybe the ten years past a parade of renters has been through it so it’s grown out of its baby plans and gotten a little crazy in places. But not unmanageably so. Like the fire ring can’t still be where a fire is because the tree closest to it has grown to where its arms are almost reaching out over it. And you should try not to set the fucking trees on fire. That kind of thing.

So there are all of these little nooks where we could do something fairly cheap and simple and turn it into fucking storybook-charming magical. Like for photo shoots and stuff!  But not in a super-gross way. I know, I know . . . not everybody’s cup of tea. Whatever . . . I’m getting off track. I don’t really have to make anything look noticeably different, just do enough to where I’m out of my own head. Like just . . . put some shit into piles and stuff.

The point is that it’s perfect for a garden-novice like me to putter around and make a few sweet things happen without being totally overwhelming. And if any real work needs to be done, Delia knows how to use six hours to completely transform a landscape problem or crazy-ass weed-patch into THERE YOU GO ALL DONE.

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