Because of Spiders

Someone beautiful on instagram invited her followers to brag about themselves by posting something in her comments that they’re proud of. This is always a good thing to ask yourself and write down so you can see it where it’s real outside of your head. And getting it outside of your head forces you to spend a little more time with it before moving on to all the things that are wrong/with you.

Of course I didn’t do it.

But it was in the back of my head that day, lurking on the lookout. So when I turned on the water in the sink, saw a spider scramble to get out of its jet, immediately shut off the water, and took the spider outside … I recognized that it’s something that makes me feel valuable. Like “I’m not so bad … this is not a bad thing to do … it comes from a good place and reflects a value system that I’m proud of and admire in others.”

Even if it doesn’t make sense, is inefficient, and unnecessary: I love myself for saving spiders. I am proud of recognizing tiny quiet opportunities to step out of my routine to make an amazing little creature my priority.


BRAG ABOUT YOURSELF in the comments; what is something you love about yourself or are proud of?

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