A Sexual First for My Mom

My mom just came over to see a movie & spend the night with me.

I gave her my favorite flannel nightshirt to wear, and she looked so cute in our pink-and-cream bed that I took some pictures of her … and while I did she casually told me a story containing a sexual experience that made my jaw drop in celebratory awe.

My mom telling a totally different story intended to scandalize & tease ageist & classist perceptions of her

My mom and I speak very frankly about sex with each other. I know a lot of details most people don’t know about their parent’s sex lives, but I’d never heard her talk about this particular phenomenon. Something a lot of dudes are TOTALLY INTO and fascinated by.

To find out the sexual FIRST my mom had at 73 years old:

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I’m trying to raise $150 to buy my mom a fitbit charge 3. She moved to a new city recently after seven decades in the same small town where we grew up. I would love to give her this healthy body-warming gift to help with her transition there.


So far in 2016, the only person I’ve had sex with in person (besides myself) is my wife.

Just an interesting note for the new year. I thought I better post it right away because as soon as I clicked “Save Draft” I knew if I sat on this post for any measurable amount of time I would feel compelled to do something to make it no longer true. 😉

She Missed Me

My wife came home from LA on Friday:

Delia , with me on top of her squirming around on her cock: Ohhhhh . . . that feels SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD . . .

Me: Did you miss this pussy?

Delia: Ohhhh, I missed this pussy SOOOOOOOO MUCH . . .

An Interactive Week

I’ve been WAY more socially interactive over the past week+ than I usually am, including

  • dinner & a threesome with Taurus and his girlfriend (which you could have watched on our lifecams as a member!)
  • first (mini) shoot of/with Z, a beautiful young man (you could have watched me fuck him on our lifecams, too!)
  • an all-night phone call
  • more time with my wife, Delia, than I usually get these days
  • dinner out and a meeting with a group of our older friends
  • met & shot with Goat for the first time yesterday (the pictures make me so totally happy to be a good old-fashioned pornographer)

Actually, all of these things made me extremely happy to be a good old-fashioned photographer, hopeful and excited to redefine and refine what that means heading into 2015.

All of these things put together also made me pretty tired because I’m an introvert, so in between them I’ve been hiding and recovering a lot.

Love, genuine happiness, naughty playfulness, relating to people with awkward authenticity, and celebrating (and eroticizing) male beauty and masculine archetypes are where it’s at for me. Technical excellence is less important than accessible snatches of intimate stories and investing with vulnerability in taking time to really look at people and undress experiences with them slowly. And leave everybody — myself included — wanting more. Nothing has to be great or perfect (or even “complete”) to capture and convey what is GOOD and important and human and seldom-seen. Kink and fetish can be more unnerving and rich when integrated with some appreciation of the days of the Motion Picture Production Code. Suggestive taboo words like “Mommy” and “Daddy”, and tight black leather gloves and white panties and someone coming “too fast” are always going to be bigger turn-ons to me than bare-naked well-lit bodies performing acrobatics and sexual endurance trials.


After She Didn’t Come

After I came twice yesterday fucking my wife, Delia:

Afterglow Trixie breast

She didn’t come, and was fine with it!

Tasty Trixie's furry little pussy slit

Over the twelve+ years we’ve been together, it’s pretty rare that we don’t both come. We’re totally cool with NOT coming most of the time, but in practice with each other we’re really compatible and lucky and usually come together.

Holding my tidy pussy open a little bit

Over the years, I probably have only not had an orgasm less than a dozen times when having sex with her. She’s actually gone without more times than I have.

I actually kind of like it when I have my fill, inquire whether or not she came, she says “no”, I ask if she wants to, and she says “nah . . . I’m good!” I understand that feeling of having a nice time and just enjoying experiencing your partner’s orgasm(s) without the distraction of coming yourself. Of course, Delia also has the added pressure of having to ration out her cum for work (masturbating live on cam and shooting porn, etc.) so I think sometimes it’s handy for her to save her load for that.

pulling back hood to expose head of clitoris

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Strawberry Shortcake in November

Mornings in bed with Delia have become pretty precious. We started this one out cuddling, with her spooning me and playing with my boobs.

It was a beautiful morning, but we kept the blinds closed to fuck, easing into the day gently.

Lazy Sunday sex music selection

Putting on some music. One of my orgasms happened at the end of the climax / crescendo of Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye”. I need to make more sex playlists.

My cunt smelled like sweaty feet and iron. We both had bad breath. I came so fucking hard. Twice.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

tastytrixie naked sex pic

Happy blurry November morning sex glow.


I’ve been more social than usual over the past week and haven’t had a day/night alone during that time: too long for me to go without solitude, but I still felt glum when Delia left tonight to head back to our Seattle studio. She’s excited to set up her new computer that she needs for editing videos.

My plan for the weekend is to work my brains off without interruptions and probably not talk to anybody. I’m looking forward to it.

Apparently people with my kind of brain do better with immediate rewards or consequences. My reward for posting this blog entry is I get to masturbate to the video Taurus and his girlfriend made on her birthday of her playing with her new vibrator. :)

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