Saturday Night Special

Sales on memberships to our sites are a new thing. Our first publicly-announced special: probably this Valentine sale in 2017.

Last year I started running flash sales on random weekend nights. Something special for people who are like Delia and I: prone to staying home when other people go out.

People who can’t sleep on Sunday nights & stay up late masturbating instead.

Folks who find themselves awake or alone when everyone else is either fast asleep or partying with other extroverts.

This being the middle of a long weekend in the states, I just opened up a Saturday night special:

JOIN NOW for $3.95 or $30

Normally I end the sale whenever I wind up going to bed, but tonight I’ll keep it open until morning since I’m sure a lot of you will be up all night long.

Note: when you join (my wife’s site) you also get access to my members-only area too ( is included; our sites are networked together so one membership login gets you into both). You’re also welcome to join at any of our normal prices if neither of those terms are what you want. 



I’m doing a blog marathon this evening! Oops – now I’m going to sleep. Next time I do this I’ll try it a different way, perhaps. And I’ll roll out these posts as I see fit (or according to which ones people express interest in). 😉

Between 5 pacific (8 eastern) and when I go to sleep, I hope to post over a dozen entries and nudie pic posts from this list:

  • After She Didn’t Come (with pics from 11/21)
  • First Time in Tub (with pics from 11/21)
  • Tunnel Running (with pics from 11/27 / Thanksgiving)
    • 7:50 pm thanks to your comments, retweets & JOINS!
  • How Far they Come (with illustration)
  • Hearts in a Box (with pics)
  • Weight Loss & Orgasm
  • Slightly Dirty Anal (with pics)
  • Thanksgiving (with pics)
  • Don’t Interrupt!! A Family Disease
  • Gaping Poly Maw
  • Blowing B-War (with more pics like this from 11/24)
  • More possibilities:

    • editing DCK (with pics)
    • Prefunded Porn: a new approach to selling adult content (and not having your heart & business broken by piracy)
    • my wife’s award nominations
    • tortured emotional meanderings & self-pity
    • my fancy new smartphone (& why I won’t be using it like one)
    • anything is possible

When I publish them, they will become an active link above.



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