Fridays with Elvis

Using Flashback Friday as an excuse to post this from four months ago:

#fridaynight #solo #elvis

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It was an interesting masturbation session; these days I’m not in the habit of masturbating to stuff that’s not sexually explicit. There were a lot of crossed wires. And a lot of shorts.

If only I could have found just two perfect minutes of spanking and tickling … the tongue photo in action.

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An Interactive Week

I’ve been WAY more socially interactive over the past week+ than I usually am, including

  • dinner & a threesome with Taurus and his girlfriend (which you could have watched on our lifecams as a member!)
  • first (mini) shoot of/with Z, a beautiful young man (you could have watched me fuck him on our lifecams, too!)
  • an all-night phone call
  • more time with my wife, Delia, than I usually get these days
  • dinner out and a meeting with a group of our older friends
  • met & shot with Goat for the first time yesterday (the pictures make me so totally happy to be a good old-fashioned pornographer)

Actually, all of these things made me extremely happy to be a good old-fashioned photographer, hopeful and excited to redefine and refine what that means heading into 2015.

All of these things put together also made me pretty tired because I’m an introvert, so in between them I’ve been hiding and recovering a lot.

Love, genuine happiness, naughty playfulness, relating to people with awkward authenticity, and celebrating (and eroticizing) male beauty and masculine archetypes are where it’s at for me. Technical excellence is less important than accessible snatches of intimate stories and investing with vulnerability in taking time to really look at people and undress experiences with them slowly. And leave everybody — myself included — wanting more. Nothing has to be great or perfect (or even “complete”) to capture and convey what is GOOD and important and human and seldom-seen. Kink and fetish can be more unnerving and rich when integrated with some appreciation of the days of the Motion Picture Production Code. Suggestive taboo words like “Mommy” and “Daddy”, and tight black leather gloves and white panties and someone coming “too fast” are always going to be bigger turn-ons to me than bare-naked well-lit bodies performing acrobatics and sexual endurance trials.


Today’s Anal Shoot

Here’s what we did today:

Rather, DELIA did it . . . I just took pictures and video. 😉

preview of extreme anal picture and video shoot with Delia

You can read more here about the content of the video and how wet this made me on one of my more offensive niche-oriented fetish blogs.

His Hand on Me

From the first video shot with a new guy using my camera phone, and just posted for members:

Sitting down on his lap/dick facing away from him:

his thumb pressed into my flesh

It’s just a barely-visible camera phone video, but my fucking god I’ve probably masturbated and gotten off to it more in the past three days than I’ve *ever* masturbated to any one thing in that brief of a time span.

my little ass in his lap

The biggest turn-on about it is hearing him — I love hearing guys when they’re feeling good and getting off, and the sound of this new guy is imprinting on me fast and hard.

The other huge turn-on: HIS HANDS. The way they feel on me, and getting to see that pressure from his touch squeezing in on my body — even in a poorly lit video like this — is so fucking hot.

I love hands in general, and because the frame of my body is small, it makes big hands look even BIGGER when they’re placed on me which makes their visual impact and effect on me even more profound.

his big hand on my bottom

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