Thanksgiving Cam Competition

Delia & I are spending Thansgiving apart and working all weekend … including having a friendly little competition to see which one of us can make more money on cam during the holiday!

Trixie and Delia on cam

Which one of us do you think will make more money on cam during the holiday?

I’m pretty sure Delia will have no problem kicking my ass, but little games like this motivate me. Even when I know I won’t win. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t even shower today, let alone put on makeup and get on cam.

Where to go on TrixieCams for chat & camshows with us: MY PROFILE | DELIA’S PROFILE

If I hadn’t already sold Delia on this little informal contest earlier this week, I’d just play the webmaster game today like a dude would: INVISIBLY. I started building an app for our fans the other night, and I’m so excited about it I really just want to work on that until it’s ready for you guys to install & enjoy!

Memorial Day Camming

I’ve got a loose plan to get on cam for Memorial Day (tomorrow/May 30th). Could be any time between tonight (Sunday night) and Tuesday afternoon. Probably only for a few hours; I should be doing other work, but I miss live cam interaction. Camming is how I got started in the internet porn biz back in the year 2000!

Trixie on Cam

A still from a camshow a few months ago, probably gazing at someone’s hard cock. ;)~

I highly recommend getting signed up on so you’re all set up to enjoy

  • one of my gold shows (usually $5 or less for ~10 minutes of fun)
  • having me all to yourself in an exclusive show
  • something in between in premium chat

If you miss me this time, there are always a huge variety of people on cam ready to fulfill your requests or just be watched. Naturally I recommend my wife and/or our friend AmberLily if you can’t find me!

My Boobs are WAY Bigger than This

Wearing my sports bra that smashes down my boobs and string bikini panties with my bush peeking over the top, self-shot in a mildly fun-house mirror that we LOVE because it elongates & skinnifies us juuuuuust enough to look like we’re more slender than we really are:

Trixie in Sports Bra & String Bikini Panty

See how much bigger my boobs are LIVE on


My breasts actually look much bigger than they appear in this photo … and I’m going to show you WITH oil and/or lotion in a gold show or two this afternoon on!


Catch me LIVE for $3 to $5 … sign up now so you’re ready to go as soon as I jump on!


I want to have some softcore fun (with a slight possibility of things escalating to anal masturbation, but NO PROMISES on that ūüėČ showing off my big naturals and just getting friendly, and proving I’m still alive and well!

If you’re too excited to wait for me or if my show(s) leave you with blue balls, there are lots of other people on TrixieCams to have fun with (including my wife, DeliaTS).

And my blog and site are NOT dead … on the contrary; there’ll be more soon, I promise!


On Cam Tonight? Maybe?

I could use some interaction and vigorous pussy-massage, so I *might* make it onto tonight (here’s my profile).

After all of the time alone I’ve been having and boring computer work, it would make me super happy to see somebody jack off to me and make them smile. Plus I’m too lazy and impatient to mess around with my g-spot when masturbating recreationally, and my cunt muscles really want to grab onto something. If I log into cam it forces me to put more effort into it than I do for myself when I’m alone.

It may not work out tonight if I get immersed in other stuff, but if not tonight I’m hoping for tomorrow morning or afternoon. You can keep me company for free in chat when/if I’m not in private or exclusive. I might even try to do a gold show (aka very affordable webcam show)!

Cam Therapy

I haven’t cammed much over the past year or so. We put doing scheduled free shows for members on hiatus, and I haven’t done much pay-to-show camming in a good long while.

It’s taken awhile to notice a few ill effects of doing less camming. I recently realized that although I’m not getting as many headaches, MY PUSSY / PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES may have suffered from not massaging my insides with big dildos and long masturbation sessions with vaginal and anal penetration.

Also: CAMMING FORCES ME TO SMILE AND BE ENGAGING. Many times I did not want to log into a scheduled webcam show, but found my mood SIGNIFICANTLY improved afterwards in spite of a poorly-timed poop being delayed and other work being interrupted. Just because I had to make my voice and face be alive with a bare minimum of friendliness. And SEE myself being . . . okay.

There I am, in front of myself, being human and not altogether unpleasant.

Depression is often a problem for me, so getting on cam can be an excellent pick-me-up.


When Taurus couldn’t come spend the night with me last night due to an unexpected work trip, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to get back on

camgirl Trixie's sad defeated face

Sigh … my standard solitary troubled sad-face compounded with frustration wondering why I’m not getting a piece of info I need to start broadcasting.

I got all set up to work in Delia’s usual workstation, not at all sure the lights and webcam and equipment and software and connection (and I) would function properly, dragging in some toys and basic fetish clothing from the cabin, but things worked out pretty seamlessly and I got busy surprisingly quickly upon logging in (pretty fucking awesome considering how little I’ve worked that site).

Trixie starts her camshow

Okay . . . things are looking up!

Spending more time alone and very very little time interacting with people means I can go all day without talking to anybody except Delia on the phone briefly. That’s awesome in so many ways, but I think it’s exacerbating my tendency to be depressed. As a long day alone winds down I often feel . . . like shit. Overwhelmed and like everything I try to do is totally fucking futile. ¬†By the time night falls I sometimes loathe myself and feel like I’ve failed at everything I tried to accomplish, everything I *have* said or done is stupid, and I haven’t made any worthwhile contribution to … anything. Don’t worry about or feel sorry for me, I’m just describing my state of mind for the purpose of comparison – I’m okay/working on it.

So let me tell you how great it feels to be able to get paid to provide a happy service to people; IT FEELS FUCKING GREAT!! When I’m able to stay comfortably busy camming as a hairy over-forty sex worker with zero regulars and no advance promotion? It’s a HUGE¬†boost to my self-esteem. Even if it has nothing to do with me personally and is just a combination of good luck, timing, some other folks tweeting some traffic my way, Streamate‘s popularity, and that I’m privileged as¬†a busty blue-eyed blonde. And that people¬†think women over forty are hot and nice. And hairy pussy is a sought-after rarity in the porn world.


Busty Camgirl Trixie makes people smile!


I got to do shows with/for some really lovely people — I *love* when customers show off for me on cam too, and last night was especially rewarding and a good reminder of why this kind of work is awesome; I got to see a few people’s faces POSITIVELY BEAMING WITH HUGE GRINS!¬†Big loads of cum . . . huge fucking smiles! Seeing one guy’s heavy cock pump thick white jizz onto his knuckles and then have him thank me and just share the most elated happy smiling beautiful face? I LOVE IT! And one of them was a beautiful lady with similar boobs showing similar tan/sunburn lines around the neck like mine up there – I got to masturbate with her and listen to/watch her husband fuck her from behind.

yummy trixie boobs tan lines


I also got to do some of my favorite “sick” role plays (that are really just hilariously harmless and common hot fantasies) AND finally do a show with someone who has been writing to me and trying to get a show for a very long time (well over a year, I think). And because of the nice block session he got and from the very small window I had of him, he looked like his own sweet self . . . and reminded me enough of Taurus in certain ways that I had a huge orgasm while I watched him jerking off. And then he came too and there were more big happy smiles, and I think I should do some more camming tonight. :)

Big Black Toy

Delia came home from a date with a new toy that was simply too big for its previous owner:

big black dong camgirl Trixie

Gonna have to shoot more with it (trying to put it in mouth, trying to wrap hands around it, compared to feet . . . aimed into our holes) so you can appreciate just how big it is.

Always have meant to shoot galleries and videos and write stories revolving around a hot button for me: camgirls in their rooms alone with tons of big phallic toys lined up on display all around them. I love seeing a woman alone with an arsenal of big fake veiny dicks. It’s pretty rare that I actually enjoy watching women USE big toys (I hardly ever masturbate to porn featuring anal or vaginal penetration); the turn-on for me is the story in my head that goes along with the mindset of a person who has a special room with all of that stimulating equipment for total masturbation immersion, and the difficulty in choosing JUST ONE of the toys, and wanting to use ALL of them, and think about that room whenever they’re not in it and want to come home and be in that room all of the time. I *love* fake pussies and fake cocks. I just do.

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