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Date of Birth: March 17th, 1973

A lot of people think it's rude to ask a woman her age, but I'm proud of every year I get older and am more than happy to answer the question.

Being in my thirties and making internet pornography means that most people assume I'm a "MILF" (Mother I'd Like to Fuck). While I do appeal to MILF-lovers and will use that acronym to describe myself for marketing purposes, the truth is that just because a woman is over twenty-five doesn't mean she is a mother or that she's married. I get annoyed when people assume women of a certain age must be married with children, especially since a woman in her thirties, forties, fifties or sixties who is unmarried and/or childless by choice is EXTREMELY sexy. Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham? The ultimate! I think independent, horny older women are HOT!

I am attracted to sexually mature people of all ages and do not have a preference for one age group over another when it comes to porn I enjoy. In real life I have had great sex with people who were younger than I and much older than I. I am happy to now be in a committed relationship with my girlfriend who is close to my age. I tend to prefer to socialize with people who are my age or older.

I do enjoy taboo role plays involving age play and imbalances of power (teacher/student, priest/parishioner, doctor/patient, dirty old man/daisy-fresh girl, and other very kinky role plays). These are all hot to me as FANTASIES, though, not as things I want to experience in real life. PRETENDING to be overpowered (or to overpower someone else) is one thing, but really experiencing an abuse of power is not usually fun.





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