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Size: 34D with giant areolas

Positive attributes: all natural, not so big that they hurt my back.

Negative attributes: stretch marks, not big enough to compete with other women in the busty niche of porn

How I feel about boobs: I like my boobs and feel more powerful and able to attract attention in public because of them. When I was a teenager I liked to include them while I was masturbating, rubbing my nipples with the flats of my palms and even lifting my hooters up to stick my nipples in my mouth and suck on them.

I like having my boobs worshipped, but you'd be surprised how many guys I've fucked who weren't really into big boobs and didn't really know what the hell to do with them. I do not like biting, hickies or rough squeezing on my breasts. I like having them groped, sucked, and fondled as though the person playing with them is awestruck and afraid I will make him stop. I enjoy dangling them over men's faces, teasing them until their necks are straining to get a chance to suck on them. I am really into other women's boobs, especially small natural titties; I love brushing my thumb back and forth over puffy pink nipples. I also love seeing men play with their own nipples while they masturbate, or hearing men beg me to stimulate their nipples.

My breast size has fluctuated over the years which members can see by going through my archives. My boobs are bigger when I'm overweight and they were noticeably larger while I was on hormonal birth control (the pill). Since my site opened in 2002 I have worn bra sizes ranging from 34C to 36D to 34DD, and am a 34D as I write this. Of course, that could change if I get pregnant or go back on the pill or gain more weight.

I do not have any nicknames for my boobs, however each one has its own "personality": my right boob is bigger and tends to be lazy, while my smaller left boob competes with the right one for attention by bouncing and swinging like a cheerleader on Nodoze.



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