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*I used to be a church pianist.

*I can't remember a time before I knew how to masturbate.

*Until I was 15 or 16 I only masturbated by humping things or using my grandparent's back massager.

*I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult.

*I consider ADD a gift.

*I would rather give head than get it.

*My ex-husband used to give me hand jobs while I was driving.

*My boyfriend and I were on a UK television show called "Sin Cities".

*I am not a good actress, but that's okay.

*May Day is my favorite holiday next to Halloween.

*I'm allergic to cats (but I like them).

*I'm afraid of dogs (except for ours).

*I've been broadcasting spycams from inside my home since 2002.

*Sometimes I can't remember how old I am.

*I like taking pictures of other people much more than having pictures taken of me.

*I didn't lose my virginity until I was eighteen.

*My girlfriend was once my boyfriend.

*If you join my site, you get access to both of the above sites too.

*Delia and I have an open relationship but

*in seven years we've only had sex with other people a handful of times, and only in each other's presence

*except for once.

*I'm a feminist.

*I don't agree with some feminists, and some don't agree with me - that's okay with me.

*I vote for Democrats straight down the line.

*I do not want Hilary Clinton to be president.

*I've taken East Coast Swing and Belly Dance lessons.

*I'm not proficient at either one, but I love trying.

*Listening to New Age music is a guilty pleasure of mine.

*I have an internet radio station.

*When I die I want my porn sites to live on.

*I like arguing for fun.

*There are some days when I don't leave the house.

*when I sit on the toilet I sometimes sniff my panties.

*We've only been in one bonafide mass-distributed porn movie together: "The Bi Apple".

*I've also been in Homegrown's "Sex Machines 2" riding The ThrillHammer.

*My favorite porno is "Taboo".

*I don't think email is sexy.

*One time I got horny watching fruit on a gardening show on PBS and masturbated to that.

*My mom and my sister were the ones who convinced me to try rimming.

*I consider myself a whore

*and I'm proud to be one.

*I like paperbacks better than hardcovers.

*My favorite reality show has always been COPS.

*Gloves & suspenders turn me on.

*I'll bet Al Gore has a bigger dick than Bill Clinton.

*I've had hot sex dreams about Dick Cheney.

*Excerpts from my blog were published in a book;

*if you go to Amazon and search for "tastytrixie" you'll find it.

*If you search for "Best Sex Writing 2008" and "Best Women's Erotica 2009" you'll find two more books with pieces I wrote.

* My family knows I make porn for a living and support me and my work.



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