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How I feel about hair: I love variety in body hair and hair color.

My hair color: I've been a dirty blonde most of my life, but as I've gotten older I've had to bleach my hair to stay blonde. I feel prettier as a brunette, but my family and girlfriend prefer me blonde, as do most of my fans.

On shaving: I stopped shaving my armpits and legs when I was in high school; I objected to people telling me body hair is not "feminine", which only is an admission that femininity is artificial / a construct having nothing to do with real womanhood since hair naturally grows on women.

I began shaving again every so often when I started sleeping with more guys who shaved their own pubes. In general, I think both shaved and hairy are sexy, but most often I sport hair because it's such a rarity in porn (and therefore valuable) and because I don't really like wasting time on hair removal; I have better uses for my time. Seriously, bottling my own farts is a better use of my time than shaving. Still, I do have photos and videos in my members-only area with my pits and pussy shaved; I really enjoy offering the same kind of variety that I enjoy seeing myself.

Hair requests: I do not fulfill requests from anyone to shave or not shave, and do not take kindly to strangers offering me erotic shaving sessions; I find it bizarre, bossy, and presumptuous. I love getting compliments on whatever stage of hair growth I am at, and particularly love hearing from people who are fans of the unshaven look.

Part of why I like to be hairy is to protest the weird shaving conformity and stupid insults people fling at women who have body hair. For some reason a lot of people these days associate pubic hair with dirtiness, which I find both ridiculous and telling. Ridiculous because whether or not you have hair on your box has nothing to do with whether or not you're clean, and telling because people today are obsessed with hypersanitizing everything and distancing themselves from their natural animal nature. People are hairy, sex is messy, and I'm suspicious of people who are preoccupied with pretending otherwise. It's like people (especially women) are trying to become more and more like synthetic dollies and less human, while men would rather be fucking holes that look like lifeless, odorless, tidy pockets of silicone. Having hair is almost like a litmus test to keep people away from me who are afraid of real pussy. If a furry cunt grosses you out, then you will probably find me disgusting in general.

It's not that I don't enjoy being shaved or seeing/licking bald pussy myself -- I love being able to look down and see the hooded shaft of my clit clearly and I do enjoy how smooth it feels just as much as I love stroking my muff when its grown out. Maybe if more chicks in porn were hairy I wouldn't feel so obligated to represent the hairy goddess. Unfortunately I just can't abide people's crazy-ass obsession with removing hair from women and freaking out on those of us who like keeping it real.



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