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Some of my favorite musicians:

*Cowboy Junkies
*Traveling Wilburys
*Chris Isaak
*Sam Phillips
*Dead Can Dance
*Bruce Springsteen
*White Stripes
*Rose Polenzani
*Lucinda Williams
*Jeff Buckley
*Southern Culture on the Skids
*Joan Jett
*Bonnie Raitt
*Tin Hat Trio

*Ani Difranco
*Tom Waits


Favorite country/western:

*All three Hanks
*Dwight Yoakam
*Dolly Parton
*Shelby Lynne
*Willie Nelson


Sexiest Music Ever:

*Explosions in the Sky
*Louis Armstrong's "West End Blues" & recordings from the same decade
*Dead Can Dance (especially on Spiritchaser)
*most real Blues
*scratchy vinyl







I like virtually all types of music and lots of it: classical (favorite composer: Mussourgsky), the No-Depression genre, noodly new age, classic country-western, alt-country, blues, big band, polka, and silly noisy stuff like Rob Zombie. I even have an internet radio station I fiddle around with from time-to-time!

One of my guiltiest pleasures is new age music; I *love* some of it immensely. Ray Lynch's "Tiny Geometries" is fantastic, as is pretty much every Hearts of Space program. The background music of my life is on XM's "Audio Visions" station.

Part of the reason why I love new age music is that I can't concentrate or work with most kinds of music; it is just too much noise and stimulation, and a huge distraction. When I do listen to music while I work, it's usually new age, one of the Twin Peaks soundtracks, or secret agent/Hawaii Five-O sounding music (The Ventures, etc.). Something with long tones that travel smoothly or reverberate. Round sounds, not choppy ones.

FYI: Justin Timberlake is NOT sexy, nor is his music sexy. John Goodman has brought more sexy than Justin Timberlake could ever dream of. Elvis Costello is sexier than Justin Timberlake. Even Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls are sexier than Justin Timberlake. This modern inability to properly select appropriate sex symbols is truly disturbing. How did we go from Elvis to Justin Timberlake? By the way, I don't think Orlando Bloom is sexy either. SEX IS WAY FATTER THAN EITHER OF THOSE GUYS!





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