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Heritage: Irish, French, Scottish, German

I have a lot of freckles, but not that many on my face. You can see most of them on my shoulders, chest, neck and arms.

My skin is naturally very pale. I like to tan in moderation to warm up, get Vitamin D, bring out my freckles, and make my skin less bumpy. I do not tan to the point of obviousness. I also like to let my skin get pale because I like the natural, old-fashioned way it looks in photos.

Some people fetishize race and are extremely attracted to one race over others. I tend to be turned off by people's obsession with seeing black men fucking white women. Yes, I have fucked black men but it's not a fetish for me and I do not feel compelled to find black guys to fuck for my website. Black women or Latino men? Much more compelling to me! ;-) I'm also very attracted to Latinas and would like to fuck more American Indian men. None of this is a high priority for me, though.

If pressed to admit it, I'd say my favorite race-based porn to watch is black guys making white guys suck their cocks and role plays featuring asian girls. I also love watching and hearing Latin women seducing men and women.



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