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My All-Time Favorite TV Shows:

*Northern Exposure
*Twin Peaks
*Star Trek: The Next Generation
*Curb Your Enthusiasm

*The Office (British version)
*Laverne & Shirley, The Golden Girls
*Six Feet Under
*Late Night with Conan O'Brien

*The Man Show
*Mad Men


My Favorite Reality Shows:

*COPS (the first and THE BEST!)
*Project Runway
*Flavor of Love
*LA Ink
*So You Think You Can Dance



For most of my adult life I've not had television in the house. I mean, I always had a tv and VCR (and dvd player, when they emerged) so I watched movies or rented tv shows on dvd but rarely had cable or satellite television until recently.

We've been making up for lost time by watching all KINDS of crap on tv (see Flavor of Love, above) but I feel justified because after all, I make PORN and think it's important for me to be aware of pop culture.






As a native Washingtonian, I suppose it's only natural that I love Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks since they were both filmed near my hometown. I think they'd be favorites even if I didn't grow up here, though; I love that both of those shows embrace both the mundane and the magical, allowing us to believe that there is something beyond the veil. I love that they're about communities filled with bizarre and intriguing characters.

The characters I identify with most on these shows are Maurice Minnifield and Catherine Martell, both mature, bossy, money-hungry, and obnoxious. It's always Maurice's tender moments that make me cry the most, and Catherine's demandingly dominant and cruel moments that THRILL me to the bone. I would love to find out that there's a porn video of Catherine beating a humiliated and exposed Josie Packard before overseeing a gang of ruffians to fuck her senseless.

I never thought I would become a fan of Star Trek, but after watching the documentary, Trekkies, I was so inspired by the idealism and uninhibited enthusiasm and imagination of Star Trek fans that I wanted to watch the show. We picked up on Next Gen and I am totally smitten. Data is by far my favorite character, and I would LOVE to see Dr. Beverly Crusher and Counselor Troi make sweet lipstick lesbian love to each other after grinding their cameltoes together while wearing their tight shiny uniforms. My least favorite character is Riker; he's such a bossy hypercritical arrogant prick! Unfortunately I think I might hate him most out of a fear that I'm most similar to him. Sigh.

I guess I'm an idealist at heart, and stories that describe communities of people who defy stereotypes by creating some type of mildly-utopian lifestyle operating off the grid away from the dullards in mainstream society really appeal to me. In a way my little webwhore porn empire is my own defiance and step away from what society says is right and good, into what *I* believe is right and good and totally perfect for me. We don't have to lead lives like everyone else's, and these shows help remind me of that.






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