my trans girlfriend

Delia had a sperm deposit to make in Seattle on Thursday. On our way to catch the ferry, we stopped for Chicken McNuggets on Bainbridge Island. I went inside quickly while Delia waited in the car and thought I saw an old familiar face of someone I fucked (and adored) years ago: Brian the Cop. I only saw him briefly out of the corner of my eye sitting at a table in back with some other men and dismissed the feeling of recognition to hurry and fill up our pop and get on our way so we wouldn’t miss our boat. When I went back outside and noticed a police car with K-9 Unit written all over it, I realized it really must have been him and became GIDDY remembering how senselessly attracted I was to him.

This past year I’ve thought a lot about my promiscuous post-divorce adventures and the guys I met through a mutual interest in sex. I’ve thought about how they were all pretty decent fellows and that I was lucky to cross paths with them. I’ve thought about how unfairly mean and dismissive I was to some of them in my retarded dumb early blog posts. I didn’t have much in common with most of them, but I did like them and I feel even more fond of them now that they’re cute little memories I can wonder about and wish well from a distance.

As I get older, I also feel guiltier and more conscious of some things I’ve done (or failed to do) that were idiotic, insensitive, unforgivably horrid, self-indulgent and/or just plain embarrassing. In fact, just the day or two before the Brian sighting I was spanking myself internally with mortification over the memory of how my retarded and unjustifiable infatuation with Brian the Cop led me to make my sorta-girlfriend at the time cry. I was inexcusably mean and stupid, and I enjoyed the whole fantastically dramatic mess.

Seeing him again, albeit fleetingly, made me forgive myself. He’s stupid, I’m stupid — we’re all stupid. And beautiful. It doesn’t matter what a goon the guy was, it WORKED for me and it’s just not human to deny that some people electrify your insides in spite of how wrong they are for you. I’m thankful I never got the chance to completely ruin my life over someone like that and feel blessed that I got to enjoy the silly thrill of it all.

He was 6’4″ and his penis was on the small side. He was a premature ejaculator almost always came super fast (which I love in many ways) and he had this song playing on his website. He was big and hairy and ridiculous and I loved every lie he told me. When I expressed interest in humping his assault rifle, he followed through and brought it over for me. Though I loved seeing its sexy blackness laying on my bed, I had to admit with disappointment that it wasn’t designed for humping and that his hand and small penis were much better suited to my genitals.

I grinned like an idiot all the way to the ferry terminal and chuckled to myself over the bad fucking joke of it all. While we waited for the boat to arrive, Delia left the car to go to the bathroom and I looked around the holding area wondering if I’d see Brian jump out with one of his big German Shepherds to sniff out drugs and terrorists. I wanted to see him again without him seeing me.

I got distracted from thoughts of Brian when I saw a beautiful brunette woman in the distance and immediately felt a pang of attraction, that “WHO is THAT?!?” moment, before realizing a split second later that I actually knew her, too!

It was Delia coming back from the bathroom. Lucky, lucky, lucky times three (billion) because that woman in the distance is my girlfriend and it’s no accident she’s walking towards me.

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