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I really love reading most of my email and wish I could respond to everybody and still maintain a healthy balance in my life between being productive and getting fresh air, spending time with family, and having time to myself, but I’ve learned that just isn’t possible. As a result I go through long periods where I’m not able to write back to people, do private shows or phone sex, or chat very much with members because I *have* to use my hours at the computer to do other kinds of work.

If you are okay with knowing that I might not write back to you for a long time but I *will* read what you have to say to me and it could totally make or break my day (PLEASE, don’t break my day!), whether I tell you that or not, then go ahead and get in touch with me!

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  1. Kyle Kinder


    I’m a custom video collector. Do you do custom videos. Are there any subject areas that are taboo? What is your bill of fare for doing customs? Are there any other constraints I should be aware of before sending you my custom idea and contracting for it?



    • Trixie

      Hi Kyle — we should have a page about customs! On my to-do list for some time.

      The short current answer is NO; I don’t do customs. Mainly because there are so many of my own ideas and projects I don’t have enough time for that adding OTHER people’s ideas to my list of to-dos, and then being under-the-gun to complete them (and always for way less money than it’s worth) just isn’t the kind of job I can thrive doing. I always love hearing people’s ideas, though.

      If we were to do customs, they would start at:

    • $100 consultation via email (or $250 for an hour via skype) just to determine whether or not we can pull it off, and make sure we’re on the same page re: what you want
    • $1,000 for a 15 minute or less video (more for longer, more for more than one person in video, more for hardcore, more for special video effects, more for a rush job [anything less than a month of turnaround time is a rush to me])
    • PLUS the cost of all props, wardrobe, and $100 per hour for time I have to spend shopping
    • While the video would be made to your custom specifications, I would retain the copyright and be able to share and/or sell it however I want, on as many platforms as I want, forever. You would also be allowed to share it or sell it provided you gave some credit (a link back, left credits in tact … something like that) to me.

      Taboos: if it’s something that prevents me from being able to sell it easily or puts me at risk of an obscenity prosecution, then it would probably cost a lot more. I have about three basic things I won’t do: race roleplays for white people, certain kinds of ageplay, stuff I’m just not equipped do well, etc.

      I’m aware these costs are more than the standard going rate. Which is part of why my short answer is simply “no”.

  2. Stephanie Bartholomew

    Hi Trixie,

    You might remember me as a Member long ago, I was Steve C., living in Centralia, Washington, the person that is in an Electric Wheelchair? I hope you remember me, I have made a Huge Change, I’m Miss. Stephanie Bartholomew, and I’m on Natural Hormone’s from my Local Health Store, it’s been a very long journey, but it’s been worth it too. I’m glad that things are going well with You, and that we’re still sharing the Same Evergreen State of Washington.


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