I love reading personal email. Unfortunately I don’t always get to respond to emails in a timely or lengthy manner. I respond to technical questions from members and questions about membership asap; it often take me much longer to respond to other emails, if I’m able to at all. Sometimes I respond to email in my blog if the topic or questions are ones many people would enjoy reading.

The more I like your email, the longer it may take me to respond as I want to do a good job of it. This could take days, weeks — even months or YEARS. I put all of the email I want/need to respond to in a folder labeled “RESPOND TO FANS” and try to set aside special time to focus on thoughtfully replying to email, but I am often too afraid to open that folder and tackle the many emails waiting there for me. Still, this folder is the number-one priority in my inbox.

Make sure you approve my email address so it doesn’t get sorted into your junk mail folder:

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  1. Darryl carter

    Really beautiful pics and vids! And I love that you interact with your fans. Do you ever do videos with fans?

  2. khiron bruno

    goddess Trixie I love to cum on bare feet soles like yours it’s the sweeeeeeeetest thing in life for me, make me cum with your bare feet soles forever I promise I will never ever tell anyone what you are allowing me to do you have my word!


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