I love reading personal email. Unfortunately I don’t always get to respond to emails in a timely or lengthy manner. I respond to technical questions from members and questions about membership asap; it often take me much longer to respond to other emails, if I’m able to at all. Sometimes I respond to email in my blog if the topic or questions are ones many people would enjoy reading.

The more I like your email, the longer it may take me to respond as I want to do a good job of it. This could take days, weeks — even months or YEARS. I put all of the email I want/need to respond to in a folder labeled “RESPOND TO FANS” and try to set aside special time to focus on thoughtfully replying to email, but I am often too afraid to open that folder and tackle the many emails waiting there for me. Still, this folder is the number-one priority in my inbox.

Make sure you approve my email address so it doesn’t get sorted into your junk mail folder:

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  1. Darryl carter

    Really beautiful pics and vids! And I love that you interact with your fans. Do you ever do videos with fans?

  2. khiron bruno

    goddess Trixie I love to cum on bare feet soles like yours it’s the sweeeeeeeetest thing in life for me, make me cum with your bare feet soles forever I promise I will never ever tell anyone what you are allowing me to do you have my word!

  3. Alex

    Hi Trixie! I’m Alex from Canada. I just wanted to say the obligatory and probably boring/annoying “I think you’re sexy”.
    I follow you on snapchat and today you had a very interesting revelation about the way brains work. I love thinking and learning about this stuff. I find that I am quite similar in that I absorb a lot of stimulus in an average day, especially visually. You hit the nail on the head with stuff I had never really realized about myself such as getting tired from absorbing all this, a feeling of being on drugs almost, while sober in that you pick up on little things and for me, associate feelings with them. For example, sunsets, clouds, lighting on trees and natural landscapes, I rant and rave and people think I’m high or something but it really makes my day. Very interesting reflection on yourself and a positive message about accepting your unique brain type and character and embracing it, doing your best with what you have, in the direction that it may take you.
    Thank you!
    PS my snapchat is beinbruch


  4. Trixie

    Thanks, Alex! Your comments are NOT boring or annoying – I appreciate the time & feeling you’ve taken to send me feedback, and even just visit my site.

    I’m glad yesterday’s snapchat story/mini-vlog was interesting to you, that you can relate to what I was saying. Enjoy all those good high natural feelings! {{hugs}}

  5. Alex

    Thanks for the reply Trixie, it means a lot 🙂

  6. jason helzer

    YEA!! My PT girls are back!!

  7. Stephanie Bartholomew

    Hi Trixie,
    You might remember me as a Member from long ago, as my Former Self, as “Steve Cavalier” From Centralia, Washington, with being in a Wheelchair, Anyway, a Huge Change had come about, I’m Transgendered now, As a Female, I Am now Stephanie Bartholomew.

    I hope to hear back from you……..Stephanie…………….



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