Help for Members

Help for Active Members:

*Your username and password are case sensitive, so you must enter them using upper and/or lowercase EXACTLY as in your verification of sign-up email.

*If you’re prompted twice to enter your username and password it doesn’t necessarily mean you entered the wrong information; instead enter them EXACTLY the same way both times.

*Already a member but can’t remember your username or password? CONTACT CCBILL’S 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT for help.

*Already a member but the system is blocking you? My members area is designed to protect me from hackers and password traders, so if you have shared your username and password with friends or on a pass-trading board, you will lose access. If you have been blocked in error, please CONTACT CCBILL’S 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT; they can give you a fresh login.

*Already a member but your browser stopped prompting you for a username and password and instead is taking you directly to an error message? Try shutting down and restarting your computer, and/or cleaning out your cache, and/or using a different browser (ex. Firefox or Chrome instead of Edge/IE). If you are able to get into ONE of our sites, but not another, the above suggestions will fix you up. Try getting in using these links:


*Friends/colleagues: if I manually set you up with access it may have expired and I get no notification when that happens so just EMAIL ME to let me know and I’ll set you up again!

*If CCBill’s customer support doesn’t help you out to your satisfaction, you may email me directly. Make sure to include your username, if you remember it, your REAL name and your zip code that you used to sign up so I can look you up in the system. YOU MUST CONTACT CCBILL’S CUSTOMER SUPPORT at if you have a time-sensitive concern or change needed to your subscription (I am NOT in constant contact with our email accounts, and cannot provide you with a read let alone response on a regular/fast basis).


  1. Joe Catanese

    How do members get a trial subscription to onlyfans?
    I uses a debit gift cards and mine was declined.

    • Trixie

      I have emailed you back with instructions, Joe (and if anybody else sees this, here’s where I outline how members can complimentary access to my OnlyFans profile:

      While I can’t do anything about declined cards, if a card works for you to join our sites, I can manually set you up with onlyfans, one month at a time.


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