Silly Nude Viking

I’m taking a day off today! I really really wanted to get this set of pictures edited and posted for members last night, but I’ve exceeded my limits working, especially at the computer, with nine to thirteen hour days.

So! Here’s one of the funny outtakes for you:

You should see what I do with the plastic pommel of my sword!

You should see what I do with the plastic pommel of my sword!

This is not the funniest of the outtakes. Not by a long shot. Delia and I have been in stitches looking at pictures you will probably never ever see. But you WILL (if you’re a member) see a bunch of pictures of me wearing this plastic helmet and having fun, and they will still be pretty silly as a concept!


Of course, it’s very bad timing that I’m taking the last day of the first round of the Miss Freeones contest off so I won’t be at the computer to rally more votes (yes . . . yes, the absurdity of the things I deem important in life does come into focus at times) but perhaps it’s for the best I don’t spend all day at the computer hoping to move from position 92 to 50 in the “Best Newcomer” category. When I return to my computer tomorrow it will all be over (for me) and I can return my focus again to important matters, like whether or not I should post 420 themed videos to celebrate 4/20. Just kidding . . . those vids are going to stay in the outtakes pile, too. I’m going to get this damned Viking gallery ready for members!

If you do want to vote for me, click here and especially vote for me as Best Newcomer!

Vote for me for Best Newcomer!

Vote for me for Best Newcomer!

Thank you to those of you who voted/are voting, and especially registered to do it so it would carry more weight; I did see my position advance yesterday because of you! And thank you to those of you who leave comments here for me on my blog; it really does encourage me and I enjoy reading them even if I don’t always have time to respond.

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  1. Hope you are very liberal in sharing Silly Nude Viking outtakes! There is huge unsatisfied demand (way beyond Minneapolis and Oslo) for pictures of dishy, brainy, ironic, thirty-something hotties who are willing to parade around in plastic Brunhilde helmets.

    In fact, this could be the hook for your long-contemplated endowment-level memberships. Coffee mugs, bottle openers, wall posters, hood ornaments, merchant ship figureheads… Plus a promotional tie-in with Seattle public TV, which could run a 10 minute Delia-produced “Making of the Niebelung” trailer after its regular opera broadcast…

  2. I love seeing you in anything. I voted for you and will do so again today. You are the most sensual woman I have ever seen.

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