The wind is really picking up here right now! I wanted to get a picture of my scarf blowing in it, but it was too TOO cold to wait for another gust to try to get a decent photo:


Today I’m learning that it’s not enough to take one day off. You need to take TWO because it takes at least one day to remember to stop working and start relaxing.


Plus one of those days needs to be off together with my girlfriend. We went and shared a Monte Cristo, stood under this tree, then saw a playing-once-only-in-town-for-now movie about an Inuit kid.


We should have stayed for the Q & A with the hunter-actor, but instead we ran errands and got Indian food:


Chicken Tikka Saag, Shrimp Nirvana, and garlic naan. I don’t know why I capitalized the first two dishes, but not the bread.

One of our errands required getting slug bait so the snails will leave my Heuchera alone. And there we met a little dog who has hair instead of fur (and a little green sparkly bow in it!) and I finally saw Delia get all melty over a dog — the same kind of dog her family had when she was growing up – so now I know what her weakness is. Up until today, she has resisted any and all attempts to interest her in getting another pet since Nico died. I’d never have guessed this particular little dog would be the one she’d find irresistible — I didn’t think she liked lap dogs — so I’m extra excited about it.


My attempts to get work done since we got home have been RIDICULOUSLY UNSUCCESSFUL. So I’m going to relax. And listen to the trees and stuff banging around in the wind. And maybe we’ll watch some more Very Cute Puppy Videos on YouTube. And eat leftovers. And just be in love and stuff!

FYI: Delia/we decided not to get (a) dog(s) until we’re caught up on our own dental work. We spent way more money on Nico’s teeth and vet bills than on our own health, so until we can afford to take care of ourselves, too . . . well anyway . . . silky dog has to wait.

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