Getting my hair re-blonded yesterday was an interesting follow-up to getting my shots (I love how that makes me sound like a dog who constantly lives on the edge of rabies).

The chemicals-for-salons people discontinued my particular color of bleach so our girl applied a different kind of paste to my scalp and foils. The kind you can really FEEL burning into your freshly-picked head-scabs. Maybe I’ll get cancer from it, but it feels sooooooooooooo good!


My long blonde hair swirling out behind me.

We didn’t have time today to ask Lightning Allie if she knows of a standard operating procedure recognized by hair fetishists for measuring length of hair, so this may be inaccurate:


Using nylon cord to measure the length of my hair.


Bent over with my long shiny hair flowing on the floor.


Measuring the string.


Let's see about how long my hair is . . .


Looks like my hair is more than 17 inches long.

I think seventeen inches plus is pretty impress for just getting a trim yesterday AND for having chemically-processed hair. Is it?


It’s cloudy today, with a 70% chance of rain.

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