I’m so crazy I’m holding onto this broom handle for dear life!


We tracked in a lot of fir needles and such wearing boots in the snow; time to sweep it all up!


I wrote a blog entry yesterday, but it was all crazy and depressing and exposed too much so I didn’t post it!

Why do I feel like putting an exclamation point at the end of that sentence makes me sound MORE well-adjusted instead of less?

Part of our roof and above it: so blue this morning I feel saved!


Yesterday I also made a few little adjustments to DailyTrixie.com (not ALL the adjustments I want to make, just a few).

I’m considering making a very inexpensive members-only area on there to house fuller galleries from my little daily nudie pic shoots including outtakes and bigger versions of the pictures. It would be included as part of our network for people who join our regular sites or also be joinable singularly at $10 every three months. Something like that. I also want to make a monthly drawing people can get tickets to by leaving comments on my blog. Maybe the prizes would be access to this nudie pic site.

I’ve wanted to make cheap themed mini-sites for a long time, but I’ve also wanted to do a million other things for a long time, so let’s not hold our breath. Feedback is greatly appreciated, though. Like if that sounds cool to you, let me know!

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