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Welcome to my members-only area. It is old, and in disrepair as I tinker with it now on the eve of my 44th birthday.

I started camming in the Y2K, blogging and phone sex in 2001, and opened this spot to members on May Day of 2002 ... fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years is a long time. Especially in porn years, and during a time of unprecedented changes in how the world creates and consumes media, and connects to each others' stories. I didn't stop updating because I wanted to ... I "stopped" because I had to. And I never actually "stopped" ... because I was in denial for so long that things needed to change so drastically. That the internet changed. That *I* needed to change. I want to change. I have changed. I *am* changing. We were working so hard, so visibly, on so many things 24/7 we didn't have time to improve, to expand, or to experiment. I could not keep up with the changes, and the things that wore out and broke down. But I couldn't let go, so I just got sad and confused. And fucked a lot of boys thinking I could turn it into porn for you here without draining my wife's batteries more.

I am still in love with my site, so this is my birthday present to myself. To tinker with it tenderly, quietly ... while my wife's site has taken center stage (and necessarily MUST be given the bulk of our attention), and this right here looks like it's languished. But really it has just been freed from old constraints. *I* have been freed ... it doesn't matter what the porn industry says my "porn" site should look like. What I create and share does not need to be quantified or compared to what other people do. There are so many of them now, doing things by numbers that don't add up like they're supposed to. I am like a little forgotten secret, and I love how that makes more realness and more imagination possible.

I literally do not know who I would be without being Trixie. Thank you for being here. We'll see what happens next. -Trixie 2017.03.16


While I rebuild my site, ALL of my new things are being posted in my "secret blog", so go there for my latest updates >>>>>>>>>>

Members-Only "Secret" Blog
vlogs | videos | plus private entries for members ONLY, candid pictures, and more



 - with posts going back to 2001 ... also in the process of retooling to make better than ever!

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I'm retiring the old members-only structure (you can see the old members-only landing page here), and working on replacing it with something better. In the meantime you can still access everything the old way:

2002 through ~2014

Photo Archives
The last posted update where I'm playing with Santa by the tree in my nightgown reminded me what I *want* to create, setting a standard that wasn't achievable given our old business model. I am so proud of that beautifully kinky softcore set of images ... it was a great collaboration and human experience between Delia, Goat and me, and true to my aesthetic. NOTE: there is a super hot spanking video to go with it that is squirreled away for when I have enough members to justify working on it.

We simply need more members to be able to afford to make videos of us together and hardcore videos of me with other people, and to re-edit old videos and bring them up to more current standards. In order to do that, I need to work on selling Delia's site. In the meantime, I am shooting simpler things myself and every so often roping Delia into shooting me.

I should have spent more time on this.

Shows | Spycams | Bonus
All of this stuff had to go on hold, but we hope to revive after meeting $$ goals. In the meantime, there's still a bit of activity on those pages.

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Yeah. That was not / is not a sustainable way to do business. Not with any kind of heart.

New Member Orientation
Haha - so outdated!! But still may be charming, and I love the concept of it and have always wanted to do a way better, much more ambitious job with this feature.

Hard to believe, but I actually do still add things to this sometimes.

Interesting, even if only to see how many people and sites have disappeared over the years ... and which ones have hung on. YOU GET ACCESS TO FURRYGIRL'S SITE NOW with your login here, FYI! So that's super duper cool, both for you and for me!

Other Pages
Yup, there are other old pages to explore in those archives. And I will let you do it yourself, if you're really interested. :)









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