TastyTrixie is (temporarily) CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS

Thank you for your interest in seeing my homemade porn!


Delia (my wife) and I are not able to regularly update BOTH of our sites to an acceptable quality standard and maintain a healthy work/life balance with the kind of love we and our work deserve, so I’m closed to new members until further notice.

I am currently focused on improving the quality & profitability of and, and can’t promise to update my members-only area regularly until/unless we make more money. I want to stop relying on credit cards, start paying ourselves fairly for our work … and produce pleasurable content for you that I can also be proud of!

I’m also working on a new affordable video site featuring our unique brand of homemade porn and entertainment: coming soon-ish to

Does this mean is DEAD?


I have (and am still making more) photos, videos and other good-feeling content!

Posting more FREE content here that I am proud of is actually a better business plan than creating and posting more content for my members only, so my blog here and free area may actually become better than they’ve ever been!

Plus, I actually do still post new things in my members-only area, just not at regular intervals, and not the kinds of things people expect from mainstream “porn”.

AND I’m working on a new streaming video site with a super LOW subscription price and ridiculously fun  (and unexpected) diversity of content to lose yourself in (and a lot of that content will feature me).

We’re also more likely to produce more videos of us TOGETHER (to be posted on DeliaTS) if we aren’t spread thin trying to crank out so many updates.

The main reason I took my join page offline is because I felt bad about myself every time someone joined my site; when I see that I have a new member, I just worry they’ll be disappointed, and go into an anxious brainstorm of “what can I edit and post RIGHT NOW that will prove I’m worth it?”  (which is extremely inefficient and stupid, because OF COURSE it is worth ANY amount to see *any* stranger’s intimate photo, video and fantasy collection just by paying someone who consents to sharing all of that for an agreed-upon price).

It is more than one full time job just marketing, producing content for and maintaining ONE paysite, let alone two or more. For now, that one paysite needs to be

We have not been making enough money to live without credit cards, take time off, or pay ourselves fairly (or at all); we have been working for our sites for too long after our sites stopped working for us. I want to change, and that means being realistic about NUMBERS and a business plan.

If you still want to see me naked and encourage me to keep doing it after reading all of this (without any expectations of how often or what kind of new “porn” I deliver), you are welcome to:

join my wife’s site
(which will give you access to mine automatically)


buy our videos on Clips4Sale

Join TrixieCams & favorite me there


follow me on OnlyFans ($4.99 a month)

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