I meant to link to this a LONG time ago, but it’s still worth reading: Caramel’s interview with Delia. She’s been a fan and supporter of our sites for a long time which makes a big difference in her approach to asking questions that result in genuine and revealing answers. I REALLY appreciate that and am looking forward to seeing what she might ask me for her other blog, Caramel’s Girls (she has very good taste, but perhaps I am biased).


In other Delia-esque news, she is nominated again for a Tranny Award for Best Amateur Website. I can’t even begin to predict who will win since all of the nominated sites have unique and special components (namely the individual girls themselves) that are so hard to compare to each other. Looking at some of those sites gets me all excited again about do-it-yourself porn and personality sites.


Speaking of do-it-yourselfing, I’m building another design for my site since this blog thing on the front page isn’t working so well. I started doing it tonight. As suggested and discussed with a few people I could still try putting an eye-catching and prominent banner or enter graphic in the middle that leads to this tour or a new one and see if that works. We’ll see . . . trying not to grumble.

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