WELCOME to my blog (est. 2001) and autobiographical porn site (opened to members May Day 2002)!

Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my unexpectedly difficult & relatable mid-life crisis.

Keep coming back to see what emerges as I shoot and write and sit on all of my realcore homemade lifestyle porn for awhile during my site’s retooling, and peek into life with my amazing wife, Delia. :)



Trixie topless with hairy armpits

What I’m Doing NOW!

N E W E S T    P O S T S

Preparing for War

This morning I dreamt that we had to get ready to evacuate the large dormitory-like place we were all squatting when it started flooding and we left the abandoned train cars in the field. We didn’t know where we were going or if we’d ever come back, all I... read more

Hospital Gown

I’m going back next month for them to do some tests, including the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test we’d never heard of before that indicates the quantity and quality of eggs I have left; that should be interesting. Delia is also waiting for test results on her... read more

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