WELCOME to my blog (est. 2001) and autobiographical porn site (opened to members May Day 2002)!

Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my unexpectedly difficult & relatable mid-life crisis.

Keep coming back to see what emerges as I shoot and write and sit on all of my realcore homemade lifestyle porn for awhile during my site’s retooling, and peek into life with my amazing wife, Delia. :)



happy spinning Trixie

N E W E S T    P O S T S

Last Monday of February: SUN!

I feel happy and so glad for the sunshine, and to be able to be naked under it in our backyard. I feel happy to be alone wrapped in quiet solitary warmth. I feel hopeful that eventually I will happily stop trying to be more normal and just accept that I can’t be... read more

She Missed Me

My wife came home from LA on Friday: Delia , with me on top of her squirming around on her cock: Ohhhhh . . . that feels SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD . . . Me: Did you miss this pussy? Delia: Ohhhh, I missed this pussy SOOOOOOOO MUCH . . . So nice to be back in Seattle. Oh... read more

Valentine’s Day, Fifty Years Ago

My mom and dad got married fifty years ago today: Seeing who I come from — thinking about who these people are/were, and who they raised me to be (and loved me INTO being) — is a good reminder to try to be the best of who I *am*, instead of struggling to... read more

Relieved … and Horny

I’m not only excited about having this boy (oops – can’t link to anything because I never posted anything about him … oh wait: he’s the last one in this strip of pictures) come over tomorrow, but mainly RELIEVED that I am excited. Excited... read more

Toes gripping thick GRATITUDE

I’m always amazed and exponentially more grateful once I start writing a gratitude list . . . and there are so many things I could happily go on and on for hours, and wonder why I let myself be paralyzed all day, when at the very least I could be doing this.... read more

Proud Love

As we happily looked at these pictures with Goat immediately after shooting them, it occurred to me: You know who will really love these pictures? My mom. My mom will love these pictures. Goat laughed with raised eyebrows, disbelieving. Your mom?!? Yes. My mom who... read more

Preparing for War

This morning I dreamt that we had to get ready to evacuate the large dormitory-like place we were all squatting when it started flooding and we left the abandoned train cars in the field. We didn’t know where we were going or if we’d ever come back, all I... read more

What I’m Doing NOW!

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