WELCOME to my blog (est. 2001) and autobiographical porn site (opened to members May Day 2002)!

Both are undergoing a transformation in honor of my unexpectedly difficult & relatable mid-life crisis.

Keep coming back to see what emerges as I shoot and write and sit on all of my realcore homemade lifestyle porn for awhile during my site’s retooling, and peek into life with my amazing wife, Delia. :)



happy spinning Trixie

What I’m Doing NOW!

N E W E S T    P O S T S


What did you like to do with your free time when you were 3, 7, 12, 16? What was a treat? What did you hate doing? What did you have to keep a secret? What did you want to do TO FEEL GOOD when you grew up? What stuff did you feel was denied you because you were NOT... read more

She Missed Me

My wife came home from LA on Friday: Delia , with me on top of her squirming around on her cock: Ohhhhh . . . that feels SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD . . . Me: Did you miss this pussy? Delia: Ohhhh, I missed this pussy SOOOOOOOO MUCH . . . So nice to be back in Seattle. Oh... read more

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    • Getting ready for as much cardio as I could squeezehellip
    • hardnipples in whitetanktop erect BigNaturals thinfabric soft busty cougar milfhellip
    • Chase away winter with my wife on DeliaTScom Members gethellip
    • Ive never used a saline laxative unless bathing in Epsomhellip
    • Amazed I managed to resist buying these I love Hostesshellip
    • Winter sky in westernwashington on my walk this afternoon leaflesshellip
    • ferns amp fencepost barbedwire swordfern pacificnorthwest
    • Seeing Star Wars TFA at cinerama this morning was ahellip
    • Want to see more of my wife? Join DeliaTScom fishnetshellip
    • Dumping it all in a notebook until I write myselfhellip
    • Guess I should post way moreboobs in 2016! And morehellip
    • inkwell winter path frost tunnel pacificnorthwest walkalone intothenight
    • Just used my last two jimihendrix usps stamps
    • Happy New Year Befriend the uncertainty of darkness amp inhellip
    • mirrormonday porthole underwater winter blonde lifeaquatic
    • We took a little sundown Christmas drive suckerhole
    • Going back to sleep after I eat you dreamy bagelhellip
    • DeliveryTruck in the moonlight notforme tistheseason December coldnight holidays

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