I stayed up all night working, loving being able to swear and scream in frustration at three in the morning with nobody in the house / my workplace to disturb or distress.

touching my beaver

I need that. ALL NIGHT. Loooooooong uninterrupted invisible stretches to finally see progress and the way things are falling into place. Normal-people schedules don’t work for me; as soon as I finally start to really get into gear, then it’s time to stop. I’m done with that bullshit. How many years do I have to say that before I hear myself and believe it?

hairy little biscuit

For a hot and fast dinner at six-ish in the morning I got a sausage McGriddle and decaf and a plain sausage biscuit that I brought home to eat in bed.

furry slit

And then I couldn’t go to sleep without masturbating. Morning, mid-day, before sleep.


clit hood

I’m excited to see what I’ll accomplish alone in the next few days before Delia and I spend Christmas together.

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