Pink Sunburst

by Feb 4, 20180 comments

A design mock-up I made but never used (one of many) for I like it!

Obviously this was a long time ago, judging by the old-looking photoshop workspace. The way sites are built have changed a lot since then, but it still makes sense to do a mock-up. I would love to be at the point of being able to mock something up, then send it over to “my team” to build it to my specs instead of half-assedly trying to do it myself. I keep reminding myself that even if you can afford to hire a “team”, you have to find truly exceptional people and/or be able to pay them a lot of money for them to really be on your team, and not just doing a job as easily as possible / just putting in hours. So the likelihood of the end result being half-assed unless you’re a fairly wealthy and also awesome team leader / check-cutter / “boss” is high whether you can hire people or not.

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