Reduced Contact

by Aug 11, 20190 comments

I am not checking or responding to email regularly at this time, but thank you for wanting to interact with me.

The pics with my boobs are way better. #fuckinstagram (just kidding - I love my g-rated grid)

If you’re a member needing quick help with your subscription or to cancel, please contact



If you have a note you’d like to give me anyway, here are some options:

You’re welcome to leave (a) comment(s) right here on my blog (or in my members-only secret blog if you are a member), on posts or pages that allow for it.

I may not respond (usually I’ve already shared a lot already in the post you’re commenting on), but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make me smile when I read it in private! Comments that contribute something on topic and of value, and/or affirm that what I’m sharing here has some value in itself are encouraging gifts – thank you.

Note: your comment(s) will not appear until they are manually approved, which I generally don’t do until the next time I log into my site to post something new (which could take days or weeks). Just because your comment hasn’t immediately appeared (or appeared in a few days) doesn’t mean it didn’t work or that I didn’t like hearing from you; I probably just haven’t seen it yet.

If you follow me on OnlyFans ($4.99 a month >> you can DM (direct message) me.

It is unlikely I will respond or chat with you at that price, but I am highly likely to actually read whatever you want to say to me … AND you will get my OnlyFans feed including photos, videos, and audio recordings and more.

I do not look at or respond to DMs (direct messages) on twitter, instagram or other social media.

If you are specifically looking for interaction on these platforms (rather than genuine interest in simply enjoying my work, personal shares and promotional posts), do not follow me.

I am also highly unlikely to engage in conversations via replies and comments on those platforms, but I do appreciate follows, likes, comments/replies and the opportunity to passively get a better sense of who our fans and supporters are.

The best place to interact with me these days is in my live webcam chatroom on (adults only & requires credit card pre-approval, and costs money for 1-on-1 attention, etc.)

My profile is at

Make sure your login works and you favorite me so you’ll be notified and can jump right in on the rare occasion I log in for fun!

I would love to host regular free/nonsexual (and/or members-only) video chat sessions with folks like we used to have on our voyeurcam website. We developed meaningful connections with our members and had a lot of quality conversations with people back in those days.

While it’s possible I may try broadcasting live on youtube, my vision is to have our own platform where we can have more freedom and control over what is said and who is there so it is a welcoming, ethical, smart and entertaining place to express and share ourselves, and to have the financial security to spend time with you there.

The internet is still an amazing place with tons of potential for happy-making ways to get to know, interact and learn from each other. Unfortunately the huge dominating sites (facebook, etc.) are not safe, reliable, respectful or rewarding platforms … especially for those of us who also do sex work.

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