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Most of the (paying) work I’ve done since the year 2000 (and still do) on the internet is sexual: sexual camshows, phone sex, making sexually suggestive and/or explicit photos and videos, etc.

Almost two decades later I want to create and share content without ALL of it being labelled as “porn”, and make it easier for people to be selective about what kind of photos, videos and content they want to see, read and/or hear: totally non-sexual, or mildly titillating, or unabashedly pornographic … or ALL OF IT! I do not want my site to bombard people with nudity or sexually explicit content if they are coming here for something else (and many of you do arrive here wanting the non-adult “something else” I have always made alongside more traditional porn).

But hey … it’s the sexy stuff that pays the bills, and our faces and bodies that attract most people to our sites (including our non-adult work)! While I retool how I produce and share content so my videos, photos and shares bring people pleasure AND earn a healthy, happy, living for my wife and I, the best way to get our porn is by joining my wife’s website (which automatically also gives you access to my members-only area).

You can also help us by getting live webcam shows and tipping performers on I am Trixie there, my wife is DeliaTS, and our best camgirlfriend is AmberLily.

I may add more “porn” back into my blog / this free area of my site as sales on DeliaTS and TrixieCams increase, if that is what people still want most here, and/or move more of my best, most fun entertainment to

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