From Delia’s Vegas Trip

A couple of samples of things Delia shot on her birthday trip to Vegas:

Wish I could say I shot this, but I wasn’t even there! It was Damien Cain who captured this and all of the porn she made on her trip:

sculptural MTF trans goddess Delia

One of those lovely shots you want to recreate over and over and over again.

It would be awesome if we could have him shoot us together! I hope we can budget a trip to do that early in 2015.

Of course, I think when Delia shoots with Christian it’s MUCH more valuable than shooting with me, like in the “Runner’s High” video she recently posted for members:

Christian & Delia run & fuck

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I should try to shoot with Christian before he retires (and we should totally try to shoot threesome porn with him) — he talked about coming up to our area with his girlfriend, but we haven’t discussed it since then. He is such a hard worker and professional and shoots so much volume that he gets annoyed by people who seem lackadaisical about scheduling. I often appear that way, in part because I’m conflicted about being in front of the camera much at all. Not to mention totally petrified of taking more than a couple inches of his huge cock — I don’t feel like I’m built for or cut out to do mainstream hardcore porn. I do fantasize about working around that sometimes, though. 😉

Speaking of shooting, Delia is coming home tomorrow to try to shoot a solo set of me in natural light. I haven’t been in front of the camera much in a long time, so wish me luck!


Today’s Anal Shoot

Here’s what we did today:

Rather, DELIA did it . . . I just took pictures and video. 😉

preview of extreme anal picture and video shoot with Delia

You can read more here about the content of the video and how wet this made me on one of my more offensive niche-oriented fetish blogs.

Sugar Plum Sex

This was a sweet fucking night. Camera-phone pics do not do it justice . . .

sugar plum stoner sex

High on a little sugar plum and some ASS FUCKING.

I wasn’t sure at the time if we were visible on the spycams, or if what we were doing was clear, but apparently at least one person watching could see AND suspected Delia’s dick was in my ass. :) Thanks, nugget!

Smoking makes me a lot more receptive and interested in having people go down on me. Normally I’m much more interested in being the person with her mouth on some genitals (and 69 is usually WAY too distracting/overstimulating for me), but when I’m high I’m prone to wanting to start out with Delia‘s mouth on my pussy or toes . . . or in this case, on all fours with my ass in the air telling her to lick my butthole with her naughty twitchy teasing tongue. She fucking LOVES it!

The Big End

From today, and tonight:

trixie walks and steel sex toy

I use this heavy stainless steel implement for fun in my butt more than my vag. I keep it in the shower to “massage” my butthole. Usually I just use the small end, but tonight I had fun graduating to the bigger bulb. It may not be as big as Delia’s cock, but it’s at least as thick as four of my fingers put together.

Here are some nudie pics with me using the small end. I don’t think I’ve ever done an official “real” shoot or video with it. I should do that, eh?

I also have zero real photos or videos of me being ass-fucked with a real live penis. I will work on that. It’s actually been YEARS and YEARS since anyone fucked it. In fact, Delia is the only person since before 2002. Well, maybe in 2002 someone else butt-fucked me, but MY GOSH IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME.

I have a goal to be experiencing healthy anal sex by . . . Easter. Anal by Easter. That’s my goal. And the build-up shall be documented!

A Little Extra Effort

Got super excited fucking my ass in the shower . . . then realized Delia is saving her cum for someone else (and nothing else will really do at the moment . . . errr . . . maybe).

POP in Trixie's ass

Want to go POP in my ass?

Oily Ass Toy in my butt

Oiled-up steel ass toy in my butthole.

Trixie's steel ass toy

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Sexting with a muscular big-dick 21-year-old college boy who’s very excited about the possibility of shooting kinky role play stuff with me. Fingers crossed?

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