Merriment with Santa!

greeting Santa in modest white nightgown


Leggy on Santa's lap

flashing my beaver at Santa

Spreading my legs for Santa

Santa licks my nipple

split tail spread by Santa

squeezed & fondled by Santa

JOIN NOW for the full-sized gallery! Almost 150 photos & video to come :)

Many many thanks to my wife, DeliaTS, for getting everything ready for this shoot (and taking the pictures, of course) and to our new bearded friend, Goat (and his pipes and suspenders and jolly goodwill) who is an even more perfect Pacific Northwestern version of Santa than I could have dreamed up. This is honestly one of my favorite things we’ve ever done for my site, making this shoot a better present than I hoped for or could have bought myself for holiday-time!

Green with Hilarity

Except it might be bad for business to post the awesomely comical pics, so I selected one that’s boringly cute by comparison from the batch Delia took of me fooling around tonight:

Green Trixie takes her socks off

Taking my sockies off!

If you saw this happening on the spycams, I’ve no doubt you’re disappointed not to get to see all of the pictures of me doing all of the silly things you watched happening on cam.

Oh yeah, and this was the day of the anuscope. With an audience … applied by a man with the look of a mad scientist.

Someday I will build a way to showcase all of my “unattractive” pictures. They’re way better than the “sexy” ones.

Beach Walk & Potty Nude

Got some sun and a little exercise walking on the beach today this morning:


Perfect sand: not TOO blazing hot yet, but still hot:


You can barely see her, but that’s Delia peeing into the bushes:


Look at this awesome piece of young beach glass:


It totally looked like a bottle-bottom, so I touched it but it was actually a JELLYFISH! Reminded me a little of a breast implant.

Here are a few of the slack-jawed, slow-moving douchebags smoking cigarettes on the beach:


Shove your cigarettes up your asses, fartknockers!

Delia wiping the sand off her feet and putting on her shoes:


Going pee in a very nice bathroom after our walk:


I took off all of my clothes & shoes in this public bathroom for today's nudie pic.

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