Grasping the Big Glass

gripping glass with toes

Voyeurs love watching me drink from this big water glass.

picking up & lifting glass with feet

Trying to lift the glass with my feet up to my face . . .

bare-bottomed Trixie & her water glass

I couldn’t get it that far so my hand took over . . .

Tasty Trixie and her tiny toes

It looks like I have *way* more than five tasty toes!

Trixie's bare soles

Soles and toes and the shadow of The Beaver

tipping the glass showing toes & soles

Tipping the glass

releasing toe-grip on glass

Gently putting down the glass with my bare feet . . .

Tasty Trixie au natural with soft belly fat

One of those pictures where I love my belly . . .

Crying in Front of a Stranger…

…and on my wife‘s chest.

Trixie was just crying

Being on hormonal birth control makes it a lot easier to cry. So easy that I can burst into tears, cry hard for thirty seconds or less . . . then just stop and go on almost like it didn’t happen. Almost. Except that lately I’ve been putting a lot of my mid-life crisis together and identifying (and putting words to) really basic fundamental emotional needs and losses and fears and bullshit, so on days like today the extra hormones help highlight where my biggest sadnesses are in a way that 1) I can’t ignore them, and 2) separates them from stuff that might just be noise.

Trixie's big titty in black and white

The good news is I’M TOTALLY HUMAN!

And I’ve got my wife . . . and her chest to cry on. And she just cut up some peaches for us to eat in bed, so goodnight.

I recognize that I am lucky to have most of the problems I’ve got. Seriously. You’d be blessed to have many of my problems.

Gloomy Summer Saturday

It’s one of the few grey days we’ve had so far this summer . . . but one of the best days I’ve had so far in terms of brain function and motivation and bright ideas and productivity.

what a marble-carved neck you have, naked Trixie

The weather and my better brain function are unrelated . . . unless you count that I woke up feeling fantastic and then got progressively more depressed as the greyness of the day and evening wore on.

beautiful large bare naked breast

And now it’s dark and I feel like crying so . . . yay mood swings!

Trixie's bumpy areola and nipple in black & white

But wait, 90 seconds later I totally don’t feel like crying anymore – awesome!!

I’m so fucking confused . . .

Just Letting it Drip

Cream dripping on big natural titties

After happily working almost twelve hours and approaching midnight, I didn’t have anything naked or sexy to show for it. But why work *almost* twelve hours, when you can work a WHOLE twelve hours? With creamy cherries on top?!?

Happy pink midnight, friends.

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