New Vlog for Members

Do you like listening to me chat and struggle with my words with my cleavage bared and my hands fluttering wildly? If so, you’ll enjoy the new year vlog I posted for members yesterday!

JOIN with HALF-OFF a site membership for access to videos & pics I shoot of my wife, and ~15 years of my big natural boobs, expressive hands & a veritable shit-ton of rambling (my members-only area is included with Delia’s) >>>>>


It’s the shortest day of the year, perfectly reminding me that hibernation is not a bad option. The loft in the cabin is just the right size to tuck myself into and nestle up under the covers:





Holding rare-for-this-month sunshine in my eyelids, incubating dreams of spring and summer . . .


Pictures taken by Delia with my phone this morning at 11:30. And I’m not actually still in bed; I got up to write and post this and work on finishing a photo set for members. Errrrr, but looking at these pictures sure makes climbing back up there very inviting . . .

Boobs in Nest

I took a nap outside today in this nest Delia encouraged me to make (she even got down her sleeping bag from storage so I could be cozy) and put in the shade:


I woke up to a frog and raven croaking, and the raven’s wings so loud flying over me.

I wonder how loud the sound of pterodactyl flight was compared to a raven’s . . .

Then I masturbated because I’d been dreaming about something I probably shouldn’t even type here.

Is it MY fault my subconscious wants to have sex with a barely-legal/young man with Down Syndrome?????


I could expand on that, but perhaps those are topics for other days . . . I actually really am interested in making porn with a relatively high-functioning person the law doesn’t permit to consent to sex (only, of course, WITH very very informed consent) but it’s probably not worth the legal risks. ALSO: maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

A Nudie Pic of YOU!?

During my webcam show tonight I announced I was going to take a picture of “you” (those watching and listening to me live on cam). Even though that’s not possible with the type of group webcam show I was doing (I can’t see anybody’s cam or face or body but my own), I’m sure there were a few people who missed a heartbeat wondering, “can she really do that?!?”


It’s not uncommon for folks new to watching live cams to ask if we camwhores can see them under circumstances where we’re totally not set up to just magically see anybody and everybody who’s watching. Like when the dudes don’t even HAVE their own webcam, not to mention haven’t activated it on a platform that requires their permission (and ours) for only very specific people to see them.

So anyway . . . I was just taking a picture of myself. On my monitor. Just playing around.


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