All Night Beaver

I stayed up all night working, loving being able to swear and scream in frustration at three in the morning with nobody in the house / my workplace to disturb or distress.

touching my beaver

I need that. ALL NIGHT. Loooooooong uninterrupted invisible stretches to finally see progress and the way things are falling into place. Normal-people schedules don’t work for me; as soon as I finally start to really get into gear, then it’s time to stop. I’m done with that bullshit. How many years do I have to say that before I hear myself and believe it?

hairy little biscuit

For a hot and fast dinner at six-ish in the morning I got a sausage McGriddle and decaf and a plain sausage biscuit that I brought home to eat in bed.

furry slit

And then I couldn’t go to sleep without masturbating. Morning, mid-day, before sleep.


clit hood

I’m excited to see what I’ll accomplish alone in the next few days before Delia and I spend Christmas together.

My Boobs are WAY Bigger than This

Wearing my sports bra that smashes down my boobs and string bikini panties with my bush peeking over the top, self-shot in a mildly fun-house mirror that we LOVE because it elongates & skinnifies us juuuuuust enough to look like we’re more slender than we really are:

Trixie in Sports Bra & String Bikini Panty

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My breasts actually look much bigger than they appear in this photo … and I’m going to show you WITH oil and/or lotion in a gold show or two this afternoon on!


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I want to have some softcore fun (with a slight possibility of things escalating to anal masturbation, but NO PROMISES on that 😉 showing off my big naturals and just getting friendly, and proving I’m still alive and well!

If you’re too excited to wait for me or if my show(s) leave you with blue balls, there are lots of other people on TrixieCams to have fun with (including my wife, DeliaTS).

And my blog and site are NOT dead … on the contrary; there’ll be more soon, I promise!



Delia made an “emergency” trip home yesterday because of this:

ovulation testing


The day before (test strips 1 & 2) I had the thick clear egg-white-like goo, but I drank a lot of water so maybe the tests looked blank because of that. Then yesterday I had pinchy cramps on my left side and stuff.


Cum Preservation

Because of my tipped uterus & the way my cervix points up, this position actually isn’t good for me to try to conceive (having hips THIS elevated actually isn’t optimal for anybody), but I did it just for fun and because it felt good after already spending a long time in other positions trying to bathe my cervix in semen.


dimly lit creampie

The other (optimal) positions were: on all fours (with Delia continuing to fuck me from behind for a long time after she came), on my belly, on my belly with a pillow under my hips.



She wants to do it again today. It’s pretty interesting, her getting more testosterone back after this many years blocking it.


We’re having a super happy time today. We slept, we stretched, we prayed, we planned, we’ve done some work and we’ll do some more. We’re listening to jazzy Christmas tunes while I do dishes and she cooks scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch. It’s raining and after we eat we’re going to go run around in the shadowy wet winter woods.

First Time in Tub

Lady sweating in bath

My under-eyes are sweating!

hairy bush & legs in bathtub

My legs & hairy bush in an oatmeal bath.

Crazy lady's big boob in tub

Bloob! JOIN NOW to see way more and better pics of my big boobs!

I have, however, enjoyed a bunch of baths in our OUTDOOR clawfoot tub! I should gather up some links and free pics to show you more of that . . .

Delia Going Down on Me

I was sooooo tired last night that I kept falling asleep on Delia‘s last night with me for a few days. Until she started doing this:

Delia tongue fucks Trixie's hairy box

Then I stayed awake! And we fucked, and it was very good. I came three or four times, and one of the times was after she came.

Delia going down on Trixie's cummy cunt

As a member to my and my wife’s sites (you get both of them when you join either one), you could have been watching Delia eating my pussy and us fucking in a variety of positions last night on our live voyeur cams.

Tonight, however, I will probably shun the cams and hide with a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough. If all goes well tomorrow (Saturday), though, I’ll be doing actual live webcam SHOWS on! You can call me on the phone, show off for me on your own webcam, and see me do all kinds of things. :)

My profile is here if you want to go straight to me. You can favorite me to be notified when I log on, and/or check my twitter feed.

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