Lights, Cameras, RACCOONS!

Today we shot a picture set and HD video of Delia wearing (and not wearing) a super sexy shiny gold string bikini:

DeliaTS in a gold string bikini

JOIN Delia’s site for access to full pic set as soon as it’s up!

Unfortunately I broke one of our expensive light bulbs – the wind kept knocking it over and finally it hit the edge of the deck and busted:

Boo broken light!


shattered light bulb in umbrella

I love pictures taken outside, preferably with natural light, not in a studio. But when the clouds move in and out so fast with the wind and the light changes DRAMATICALLY in split seconds, I don’t have the skills to keep up with it:

Thumbnails show shitty photographer's use of light

There are plenty of okay-pics and maybe a few good ones, but overall the gallery doesn’t do justice to Delia *or* that awesome string bikini (or even the awesome different kinds of light). It was all over the place with some shot with a flash and some not, with me over or undercompensating for light fluctuations with settings, with too many tree shadows . . . blargh.

People are still going to love them, though!


Tonight we plugged in some of our amber fairy lights between the house and the cabin:

Trixie & amber fairy lights in Salal

I know the post title led you to believe there would be an adorable raccoon photo shoot, but basically what spurred me to turn on these outdoor nightlights is that we have a family of about half a dozen raccoons living around here, and when I run back and forth at night I startle the shit out of them and they start jumping off fences at me and out of trees and losing their minds, and I don’t want any of them to land on my face or GOD FORBID my big natural titties.

I know, you’ve seen a million youtube videos with people who treat coons as sweet pets, but that is . . . misguided, at best. I’ve seen some puncture wounds on people and dogs from raccoons and would rather avoid such things, along with just not encouraging them to treat this as their personal stomping grounds. I’m afraid Kitty Who might have fallen victim to them as I’ve not seen her in months. Not really my problem, but I’d like to avoid seeing any of the other stray cats eviscerated. Total NIMBY here. They *are* cute and make such sweet chittery noises . . . but when mama coon starts growling at you to protect her young ones, you realize RACCOONS ARE NOT SMALL ANIMALS. I would run from a CAT that made that noise at me.

moss garden raccoons

Two of the raccoons in our moss garden.

My favorite part of today was moving some plants around and doing a little tidying outside to get things ready for Delia’s photo shoot. Garden-puttering and plant-tending rank up there with petting puppies and cuddling babies for me on the list of best things to make you INSTANTLY FEEL GOOD and lower your blood pressure.

Container Gardening

We had a lovely day working in the yard and starting to get our pots filled with pretty plants to make our picture sets sweet.

Delia potted the Japanese Maple I got and pruned it a bit (even though I bought the wrong kind / the kind that desires to get much too big for a pot), explaining something about how you’re supposed to make your maple have levels . . . with just enough space for a bird to fly right through the tiers.


Delia, meditatively sculpting a Japanese Maple.

The weather was fucking awesome for doing yardwork: mostly overcast with blips of blue skies, and warm enough that when the rain started it just felt like gentle peaceful fingertips touching me rhythmically all over:


I love flowers and being naked in the rain!!

Note: if you think the carpet runner is ugly, it’s vastly preferable to falling and splitting my head open running back and forth between house and cabin when the wood is slick .

Days Off

Delia felt inspired to snap some nudie pics of me through the cabin window on one of our days off. Here’s my favorite:


Tuesday, June 26th

Some of the things we did on our days off were plant-shopping and working in the yard. Here are a couple of glimpses of new colors and shapes we get to enjoy when we open the back door:



Another thing we did was drive to where Delia could get her name changed at the federal level.

While she did that, I walked around and annoyed a guy trying to read on his smoke break in order to take these colorful and textured pictures with my phone:





I didn’t really start relaxing on our days off until yesterday when there were only a couple hours left before it was time to start working again. NEED MORE PRACTICE.

Here I am peeing outside on our walk, or about to pee anyway, or drip drying:


We saw Prometheus in 3D! And we loved it! I guess some people don’t like it when stuff isn’t totally original or brand new or perfectly-fleshed-out, but I think those criticisms fail to acknowledge the PURPOSE of storytelling and MOVIES! and variations on themes. Prometheus appeals in a cross-genre way, it was beautiful to look at, it stays relatively accessible to the average joe, and I’m just really fucking happy when shitloads of money are spent on a movie with a woman protagonist. Entertaining, expensive, big-screen stuff.  Totally worth seeing.

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