Light Check

Just after 5:30 (17:30) last night I noticed that the light in our stairwell looked magical, so we took some camera phone pictures just to see how it might play on us for a real shoot:

Trixie testing natural light for photo shoot

Posing in the lovely natural light in my schlubby house duds.

One of the good things about doing a little test like this when you’re not dressed up and ready to go is being reminded “don’t make the leg closest to the strong light source cast a shadow on your other leg, making you look stumpy”:

Unshaven Trixie naked on stairs in natural light

Naked, natural . . . unshaven.

It helps so much to understand the dimensions and dynamics of a spot before you start shooting something special, otherwise you might just eyeball it and sketch out magic in your mind that won’t actually work in real life. Like Delia is too tall to really stand up there and be IN the light . . . but that’s okay because she’ll have a beautiful halo from the light behind her and on her side. And I can’t be on the top step/tiny landing against the wall either . . . or I will crack the back of my head on that protruding corner detail (don’t worry; it didn’t hurt . . . much).

These are the benefits of living in the spaces where you shoot (especially when where you live is beautiful). And obviously we have to plan for the right time of a cloudless day. And uhhhhh . . . . clean up (one of the disadvantages of shooting where you live). It’s nice to shoot from varying distances instead of everything being like it was shot in a room in a studio by a lazy stationary photographer; when we move the table out of the way it will make people who look at the pictures imagine walking into and across that space between the eye of the camera and one of us on the stairs . . . into the light coming from a mystery around the corner.

As a sensualist, the location — the details of a setting and the stories it conjures — significantly raises the value and potency of “porn” for me. And distracting details really annoy me. Like that ugly plain white motherfucking light switchplate. Somewhere we have some beautiful handmade maple leaf switchplates . . . And why do we still have that dried ear of corn in that wall-niche? Attending to other details . . .

I’d actually be less distracted by a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and a Benny Hill garden gnome in the foreground than that white plastic lightswitch. Actually, that’s a really good idea . . . do you know where I can obtain a mischievous Benny Hill garden statue?

Wet & a Little Curly

Spring is really here with massively dreamy warmth like I don’t associate with April, and Delia‘s back home for tiny bit of time so we took a walk/run in the woods together, went to the carwash and vacuumed out the car, went to our storage unit to pull an old monitor out that we need again, filled up the gas tank . . . and we fucked to make everything even more perfect!

unshaven armpits nude

wet hairy bush

I feel slow progress being made as I keep stripping away the unnecessary bullshit to rebuild and fortify the foundations. I try not to be so afraid of everything, and to try to trust what I’ve learned along the way and put it into PRACTICE. Every day.

Everything smells so good and feels like magic today!

Round Things Filled with Life

Our apartment didn’t come with the greatest window treatments so in order to get enough sleep now that we actually have more hours of sunlight, Delia has resorted to wearing a sleeping mask. So I got one too! Only it’s too disturbing to think of this sitting on my face so I only put it on this morning for show, deciding their ovoid shape would be good for an Easter nudie pic:

weird sleeping mask nude

Wearing my new sleeping mask.

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