First Time in Tub

Lady sweating in bath

My under-eyes are sweating!

hairy bush & legs in bathtub

My legs & hairy bush in an oatmeal bath.

Crazy lady's big boob in tub

Bloob! JOIN NOW to see way more and better pics of my big boobs!

I have, however, enjoyed a bunch of baths in our OUTDOOR clawfoot tub! I should gather up some links and free pics to show you more of that . . .

Strawberry Shortcake in November

Mornings in bed with Delia have become pretty precious. We started this one out cuddling, with her spooning me and playing with my boobs.

It was a beautiful morning, but we kept the blinds closed to fuck, easing into the day gently.

Lazy Sunday sex music selection

Putting on some music. One of my orgasms happened at the end of the climax / crescendo of Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye”. I need to make more sex playlists.

My cunt smelled like sweaty feet and iron. We both had bad breath. I came so fucking hard. Twice.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

Secret cave created by our bodies together.

tastytrixie naked sex pic

Happy blurry November morning sex glow.


I’ve been more social than usual over the past week and haven’t had a day/night alone during that time: too long for me to go without solitude, but I still felt glum when Delia left tonight to head back to our Seattle studio. She’s excited to set up her new computer that she needs for editing videos.

My plan for the weekend is to work my brains off without interruptions and probably not talk to anybody. I’m looking forward to it.

Apparently people with my kind of brain do better with immediate rewards or consequences. My reward for posting this blog entry is I get to masturbate to the video Taurus and his girlfriend made on her birthday of her playing with her new vibrator. :)

Things He Left at Our House

He’s a decade younger than I am, but there are these timeless old-fashioned things he brings with him that make me imagine he comes from an older generation in some ways.

On him, this large t-shirt hugs him smoothly:

wearing his large t-shirt

Wearing his t-shirt and nothing else

I wish it didn’t smell so “clean”, like detergent. I want to smell whatever he smells like (even when he gets sweaty from fucking he doesn’t smell like a human animal).

There were lots of times while he was here and we were in bed together and fucking where I thought “can the people watching this on our voyeurcams tell how sweet this is?”.

Upskirt in New Dress

Very happy I got a bargain on a new daily-wear dress in one of my fave non-distracting colors (grey) but with pretty textures to make it special:

Trixie in a sweater dress, with upskirt shot to hairy beaver

I’m the kind of person who loves soft cozy easy-to-wear clothes with generous (or no) waistbands, so this empire-waist dress is perfect to replace my $6 rubbed-bare black velour secondhand dress of the same kind of length that I wear almost as a uniform.

I would like to embrace my love of personal uniforms more and work within the confines of what I will / have a pattern of realistically wearing over the years (sweats with drawstrings, leggings, waistless dresses, etc.) much to the neglect of the prettier clothes that just wind up hanging around, unworn.

Right now I am working within the confines of Delia‘s laptop since I can’t find my power cable and the battery is dead. And all of our other computers are at home where I’m afraid ten trees fell on them before looters took them away.

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